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Election 2016: Why I’ve Kept My Mouth Shut (Until Now)

November 10, 2016 2 Comments

Warning: If you read this blog know that it contains some things that a lot of people are not going to agree with. If you feel you are one of those people just click away. Also note that I am not looking for a political debate. Anyone who chooses to comment on this post in a way that I feel is encouraging a battle will be deleted and blocked. Yes, I know… “freedom of speech” that’s fine I support you, however my social media channels or blog comments section is not your platform. For more than half of you remember I am your friend and just another person, regardless of party, with something that I want to say.

This blog post actually stems from a string of comments that I had earlier today with a friend of mine. Believe it or not folks, we were able to have a calm conversation regarding the recent events and I feel that we both heard loud and clear what the other had to say. Then we had a laugh and started joking about old times (yes, see, it is possible. I encourage people with something to say to take some notes from this guy who I will not name unless he says its cool.) In fact, this blog is going to be the exact comment that I made with a few minor modifications so that it makes sense.

So here is your warning, anyone who is looking for a fight I urge you to not try to start one. I am not here to fight nor are many, many other millennial republicans.


Here we go:

Let’s just get it out there: I am a Republican, I voted for Donald Trump.

I am also a Social Media Strategist, I spend every moment, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm on the internet, social media channels and their affiliate platforms specifically.

For MONTHS, I have read some of the most vile, nasty things from the mouths of one party’s’ supporters to those lining with the party opposite theirs (I think you can guess which party I am referring to).

However, it is hard for anyone supporting Donald Trump to combat those comments with anything remotely resembling, “how can you say that, that’s so terrible to say about someone!”

Why is that so hard to do? Um, because we’ve all heard the things Donald Trump has said about people, circumstances, situations, etc. They are disgusting and terrible things, I will be the FIRST to admit that he is not the greatest human being on the planet, far far from it.

The mass stereotyping, generalizing and unacceptable typecasting that has gone on regarding anyone who voted for Donald Trump is astounding and cruel.

Quite frankly, what has been going on in the recent months has been completely contradictory to the pill that the Democratic party wishes Mr. Trump would swallow:

Acceptance and support of those who are different from you, regardless of gender, sexuality, culture, socioeconomic class or general way of thinking.

Again, as I stated above, I spend 95% of my life on social media, not by choice but because it is my job. I know this seems like a very petty area of the social-sphere to be focusing on but it’s 2016 and that’s where people find their voice.

Through social posts, blogs, and general comments online, as a Republican, I have unknowingly been typecast, sometimes even by my peers and friends, as a supporter of sexual abuse, racism, and anti-muslim sentiment.

I have been called a woman that has, and I quote,

“zero self-respect for herself should she make any choice other than Hillary Clinton.”

I have read through strings and strings of Twitter threads where those belonging to the Democratic party have called Republican females (who are simply exercising their 19th amendment right)


A meme was created that implied that I, as a Republican, was racist. I won’t go into what was on the meme because it was seriously awful. The comments under that Instagram post were even worse.

Did all democrats say these things? No, I’m sure most did not (remember though, most Republicans never publicly bashed your character either.)

Another string of comments  I read was on Facebook between two women who were laughing back and forth discussing Republican women who are pro-Trump. The conversation went on and on and landed to one saying

“…these women are the ones that let their husbands beat the sh*% out of them, they deserve it if they are stupid enough to elect this man!”

(direct quote by the way).  

Finally the thing that unzipped my tightly zipped mouth all this time was this:

There was a blog published that simply put,

called any woman that supports Donald Trump an “UNFIT MOTHER”.

The blog ended with an entire paragraph about how if there is a husband out there with a Republican wife, he was advised to take his daughters and run far away from her.

The double standard is unbecoming. In one area, people are livid that Donald Trump calls people names and makes irresponsible remarks…but I am an unfit mother with zero self-respect? I am anti-muslim? I have no respect for my body?

On the day of the election, I had to follow along on social media (the 24 hour news cycle is the worst for anyone in a marketing position). While I was following along I read through comments as people were becoming more and more passionate about their voting rights and the candidate they were voting for. I also read dozens and dozens of those tweets that said “Remember, vote from your heart! You have the right to choose!” and so on and so forth.

Well, now, the votes have been cast and a decision has been made and suddenly it’s not okay that people followed that advice. It’s not okay that I, “didn’t let society sway my decision”.

Now, people are upset that everyone did exactly what has been preached for decades, “you have the right to vote and the right to choose for who.” That is what this country is about the freedom to make the choice.

Throughout this entire election process and all that I had seen and read I kept my mouth shut. Was it to be professional? Yes. Was it  because I did not want to get caught up in a war? Yes. Mostly though, it was for one very distinct reason.

The silent majority was the silent majority for a reason. They knew Donald Trump has said some vile things, they knew his position on some very sensitive subjects was downright nasty and insane at times.

I knew that if I ever engaged in political conversation with anyone and vocalized my choice for POTUS I would be forever seen as exactly those stereotypes I had been reading about. Their opinion of me as a woman would be forever skewed. Friendly conversations with my friends would turn into full-blown debates (much like what I hope this is not turning into).

I’m not Donald Trump? I never said anything nasty about anyone? Why do I feel so uncomfortable now being in a room with someone that I know voted left?

I know why, it’s because I know I have no, absolutely ZERO defense. However, that is my party.

My reasons for voting right did not come because I don’t care about “the future of our friends who are different – be it gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.” In the same way in my mind I could not justify voting for Clinton, there are far more reasons people could not justify voting for Trump and that is understandable and you know what? It’s okay! That is your freedom, that was your choice.

I am not going to go into why I voted right. I don’t feel I need to. Where does the fairness in the political social system lie anyway?

Why would I have accepted Hillary Clinton as my President, regardless of my thoughts on her, and those that so heavily encouraged acceptance and did not vote Trump absolutely refuse to?

The ongoing message from this party has been to stand together in acceptance and peace, well now the country is more divided than ever. Where is the acceptance now? People are destroying cities and rioting in the streets.

I am not saying “Hey everyone, get over it!”, I would never (and it shouldn’t be expected, this is a country that spent 6 months mourning the loss of a gorilla lol anyone that expects those who voted Hillary to “get over it” is an idiot I understand the loss people feel.”)

I am also not saying you should be supportive of Donald Trump, I would never suggest anything like that, you are right in any feelings you have. 

What I am saying is this:

I encourage everyone who is hurting, scared, or holds any other feeling to continue to follow their message. Acceptance for those who may be different or think differently than you do whether or not you can understand it.

There is no need for name calling. There is no need for wishing hurt upon someone. Your friends should still be your friends.

My best friend  tweeted a great quote the other day (in fact you should go check out her blog here, its really amazing and hysterical at times)

“In order to grow and be a well-rounded human, you must surround yourself with people who think differently than you and challenge you.”

I think everyone can agree that right now, this quote rings so true. No matter which side of the bed your sitting on.


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  • Allison November 10, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    Perfectly stated!!! I had a civil conversation with my best friend, as well, where we both acknowledged how our differences in opinions help make our friendship what it is. We both encourage the other to think differently about things, and at times that can be super eye opening! Her life experiences and relationships have molded her into who she is, as did mine! Together, we bring those differences and have a beautiful friendship! Being kind to people and respectful of their opinions and beliefs is the only way this country will move forward with this election! Hatred and name calling will only push us back! And in terms of politics, we all think our candidate will do what’s best for the country according to our beliefs, whereas we think the other will do the opposite. Your “best” is different from my “best” because of life experiences! Simply acknowledging that shows respect to the other party! Keep it up, Casey! 😊

  • Steve December 16, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Nice post, Casey! This may be the 1st cogent argument I’ve read or heard from someone who voted as you did this year. (Not that I’m very good at having an open mind about it, which you address beautifully) This is all gonna land safely (I hope) and I seriously applaud your courage and your voice.

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