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Friday Favorites

March 24, 2017 1 Comment

Spring has officially sprung here in North Carolina! Every year the weather has a very not-so-fun tradition to follow through with around this time. Each year the weather in North Carolina gets very temperamental and moody (think if middle school and Avril Lavigne had a baby and named it North Carolina).

For example, Tuesday it was 80 degrees and Wednesday night we were under a freeze warning. It’s a little crazy but regardless of the temperature there is just something about the sun staying out a little longer, and everything turning green that makes me feel refreshed. Here are a few things I am loving for the start of Spring!

Favorite Sip: Peppermint Tea

Untitled design (15)

I am loving this in the afternoon, about an hour or so after lunch! So refreshing (especially over ice believe it or not!) and helps with any bloating I may be feeling throughout the day.

Favorite Pamper: Blush & Neutral Nails

Untitled design (16)

This time of year I like to keep my nail color kind of simple and nothing says that like a nice neutral nail color. I am loving the nudes/neutrals and blushes and OPI has an amazing selection. Although I prefer a gel mani, OPI is always my go-to choice for some at-home pampering!

Favorite Gadget: Polar A360

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It hit me that in a few short months I am going to have to put on a bikini at some point! My Beachbody coach Jess Dukes turned me onto the Polar A360 and it is a workout must have. My favorite thing about it is the simplicity. For a while I was doing Beachbody workouts (can’t wait for our big new living room to jump around in with those workouts!) but since moving into my parents house while we build our new home, my space has been a little tight. I have been running and doing some other HIIT workouts at the gym and my Polar keeps me conscious of where my heart rate is and what my calorie burn looks like.

Favorite Serum: Argan Oil + Vitamin E

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Did you know that the aging process in your skin starts in your mid-twenties? Yeah, that’s us! Argan oil is essential for skin hydration and leaves it feeling silky smooth while Vitamin E plays a huge role in the anti-aging process. I found this product at TJ Maxx (is anyone else obsessed with their personal care aisles?)  and when I saw that it also contained Vitamin E I knew I had to snatch it up. It has quickly become a part of my nightly regimen.

Favorite Night Cream: L’oreal Revitalift Night Cream

Untitled design (19)

I am so wildly obsessed with this product! I used the L’oreal Revitalift Day Cream for a month or two before I purchased the night cream and I am telling you, it is easily one of my favorite moisturizers. At night I will apply my Vitamin E serum as a base and then lather up with this!

Favorite Makeup Remover: Micellar Water + Coconut

Untitled design (21)

I love micellar water, I have tried the Garnier® Micellar Water in the past and while I loved it I figured I would try something else. I use this as my makeup remover every single night and unlike most makeup remover, the coconut keeps my face from feeling too dried out.

Favorite Toner: Clinique 2

Untitled design (20)

I usually use this product at night after I wash my face. The solution is so gentle and clearly penetrates deeper than my makeup remover because it is amazing to see how much excess makeup is removed even after I washed my face.

Favorite Follow: Up & Vanished Podcast

Photo credit

My husband actually turned me onto this podcast and it is phenomenal. If you loved “Making a Murderer” or the “Serial” podcast you will love this. The episodes are roughly 20-30 minutes long so it’s perfect for my car rides home which are typically around 30 minutes. I highly suggest checking it out!

Favorite Tune: “Before You Called Me Baby” by Caitlyn Smith

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Her voice is amazing, it has some roughness to it with a little bit of country twang. Her whole album is awesome too!

Well that’s what I am loving folks! Happy Fri-yay to you all!

What are you are loving this time of year? Let me know in the comments section of this post or on social media!

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