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Building the Sellers’ Home: May Update

May 21, 2017 2 Comments

Firstly, I do apologize for the lack of posts recently. As most of you know, our poor sweet Sadie tore both of her ACLs. Amidst the financial aspects of building our home, this is going to be something very costly for Tyler and I and knowing that at this present moment we do not have the funds to help her is heartbreaking. However, our little pup is doing just fine and in the meantime we are taking good care of her, making sure she is comfortable.

We were told that as long as she isn’t acting like she is hurting, and she is still eating, playing, using the bathroom, basically maintaining her personality, that she is just fine until we can get the funds together. Also, during this time, the air conditioner in my car broke. If you didn’t know, North/South Carolina summers are literally like walking on the surface of the sun, so you can imagine how much I have enjoyed no AC.

(Psst! If you are looking for a “random act of kindness” type situation, anything you can do to help us help our sweet Sadie is appreciated. Click here to donate!)

Long story short, any time I have touched my computer in recent weeks has been to serial search options for Sadie and places to take my car to get the AC fixed (another thing that would be quite costly). However! Last week two things happened: We found another facility that will perform Sadie’s surgery for much cheaper (still a pretty penny, but a number we can wrap our heads around) AND Thursday morning I said, “Let me just try my AC” and it was working! Just completely started working again! I tell you what, every time something like this happens and I just look up to the sky and say “Thank you”.

Tyler and I have two guardian angels looking out for us (shout out to my father-in-law Mr. Sellers and my Grandma) and things always happen at just the right time.

Anyway! There has been ALOT happening with the house in the past month and I cannot wait to share with you!

April 6: True Homes Showroom

Untitled design (15)

This. was. no. joke. Exciting? Oh, absolutely! Completely overwhelming? Words cannot explain. So, we are building our home with True Homes and the process has been nothing short of easy-breezy and wonderful. After we officially went under contract we went to the True Homes showroom to choose literally everything that would be a part of our house. The overwhelming part is that there are some things you have to choose that, if in the future you wanted to change them, would be no easy task. So you are essentially choosing things that you have to look at and say, “Yeah I will still love this in 15 years”. It is so incredibly exciting but I have never second guessed myself more in my life. Luckily, my amazing mother came with Tyler and I, to act sort-of as a, “decision maker,” if you will. If Tyler and I truly couldn’t decide she was there to give her opinion which made things a lot easier for us. Thank God for her because having owned their home for 20+ years and after many remodeling ventures, she was able to tell us what was worth the money. But then you start to get into things like…

“Okay, do you want an electrical outlet in your closet?” 


At this point I am sweating and wishing the True Homes showroom had a full service bar. Aside from how overwhelming it all was, it made everything feel so real. We left the showroom and went out for a cocktail to celebrate the fact that we were finally here. After 2 years of trying, we were finally designing our forever home (oh yeah, and we got the outlet in the closet, because, why not).

After showroom, Tyler and I started taking weekly or bi-weekly trips out to our property just to see how things were coming along. It is kind of cool because there is a huge bush that sort of hides our property until you come around the corner, so the suspense is always fun. We are set to close around mid-to-end of September, and we cannot believe how soon that actually is!

April 22: The land is ready!


May 12: Concrete is poured!


This trip was especially cool because they put the permit sign up that had our brand new address on it. It was the first time we had seen it.

May 20: We have a full foundation!


So, according to our True Homes rep the next step is that the frame goes up and then from there things move pretty fast. She said that before we know it we will have the entire frame of our house up.

Now, in my mind, “pretty fast” in home building terms means “a few months”. Well, I thought that until yesterday. So the house to the left of us looked exactly like this last Friday – just a concrete slab. When we went out to our property yesterday (Saturday) the frame of that house was completely up. The entire frame of the house was up, and it had been one week.

To say we are excited would be an understatement. We have started shopping for furniture and decor for the new place and it has been so exciting.

I can’t wait to see what the June update will consist of because from here it is only going to get more and more exciting.

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