Making Plans for Saturday, on a Monday Feat. Bethenny Frankel

We’ve all been here.

Listen, it’s not every time that I regret making weekend plans, in fact, it’s hardly ever that this happens. I am extremely extroverted so, honestly, it’s rare that I don’t want to do anything on the weekend. It’s only when I have “one of those weeks” where work has sucked every ounce of energy from my body and I literally have nothing left to give.

Monday, 9 AM:

You walk in to 86 unread emails and you realize just how long your “to-do list” actually is for that week.


Monday, 2:30 PM:

You get the, “Hey, what are you doing Saturday?” text and you could not be more thrilled.


At this point you’ve had a total of 15 meetings since 8:30 AM Monday morning and you get that “I’m so excited for Saturday!” text. Perfect timing.


You realize…it’s only Wednesday.


 By Thursday, you have had enough human interaction and it’s time for the interacting to come to an end.

Friday, 9:00 AM:

You did it, you made it to Friday and didn’t have a full-blown mental breakdown. Tomorrow is Saturday, a day of nothing but sleeping, eating, and drinking. There is nothing that is going to pull you off that couch tomorrow.

Friday, 2:00 PM:

Here it comes, the “Are we still good for tomorrow?” text and suddenly you remember…Monday you made plans to take a sewing class tomorrow at 10:30 AM.

You take a moment to reflect and you realize you are not that friend that blows off plans. You respond back with, “Yes, definitely I can’t wait!”.

Friday, 6 PM:

The week is over, just get out of there.

Friday, 9:30 PM:

You get home and your significant other starts asking about your weekend plans. It is during this conversation you realize how pissed off at yourself you are for making any plans in the first place.


You pull yourself out of bed, take a shower, get ready, and head off to meet your friends. Once you get there you realize just how happy you are that you went, it was just what you needed.

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