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Pregnancy is amazing but the beginning is a little boring!

November 4, 2017 No Comments
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Pregnancy is amazing but I didn’t realize how long everything takes to happen!

Welcome to the first post in my new series “Pregnancy is amazing but ___”

I thought it would be fun to start a series documenting things I’m learning and experiencing throughout my pregnancy. Today I want to talk about some things I didn’t realize prior to getting pregnant and that is simply that the first half of pregnancy is a little…well…boring!

So far I have had a pretty awesome pregnancy. Really the only major pregnancy symptoms that hit me hard were during my first 10-12 weeks. I had severe food aversion, I was more tired than I thought I could handle, and then at around 17 weeks the headaches starting coming more frequently. All-in-all though, it’s been an amazing experience and one that I highly recommend.

Every week something new and exciting is happening with our sweet little boy (gosh, I love saying that), but during the first trimester my own week-to-week did not compare.

I didn’t realize that after the exciting announcement of our pregnancy, things start to get a little boring! I don’t mean to say that I don’t find this journey to be incredible and exciting, not at all. Let’s just say the first trimester is not as exciting as I thought it would be.

Here are a few things that I thought would happen much faster than they actually did.

Doctors appointments

Um, talk about pregnancy anxiety. During your first trimester you only go to the Doctor once a month! Its agony, because you have no way to tell how your baby is doing when you’re in those early weeks. You can’t hear the heartbeat, you can’t feel your baby move around, nothing. Some days I would wake up and just feel completely not pregnant. Wide awake, no food aversions, no bloat, nothing! On top of that, I just did not “look” or “feel” pregnant (like I said above). This led to me frantically calling my Nurse who I am sure is going to re-think her career after she’s through with me. The best thing I did? Got a fetal heartbeat monitor, it was and is a true lifesaver. I would check on our baby every couple days just to hear his little heartbeat. There are mixed opinions on purchasing one of these but I say it’s a must have.

I start showing

I could not believe how long it took before I had an actual baby bump, holy smokes. I didn’t realize it, but I was almost halfway through my pregnancy before I had even the tiniest baby bump! I remember when I “popped” though, I woke up the morning of my best friends wedding, looked down and there it was, a very apparent baby bump. I think I was 16 weeks? So that is  roughly 4 months into pregnancy meaning only 5 months left! It just felt like it took so long, and I think the most frustrating part was that I wasn’t “showing”  and I didn’t “feel” pregnant during the first trimester. Does that make sense? On top of that I wasn’t having any major symptoms either. Now, I am 22 weeks along and finally look and feel completely pregnant.

Untitled design (35)

22 weeks and 1 Day

I gain incredible amounts of weight almost instantly

This wasn’t the worst thing to have not happen right away. During my first 18 weeks of pregnancy I only gained a whopping 3 pounds and some ounces. I thought that from the moment you get pregnant you’re gaining 5 pounds a week and that just wasn’t the case for me. While I wasn’t complaining about that, I couldn’t help but keep picturing my baby inside stomach looking like Lord Voldemort in that one scene of that one Harry Potter movie. You know the one:


We find out the gender

So I had heard mixed things on this. I heard some Doctors will tell you as early as 12 weeks while others make you wait until almost 20. We could have learned early from a blood test but we opted out of it. We also could have gone to a specialist that only tells the gender and found out at 15 weeks but because this is our first child, I felt like the anticipation was all part of the process! So, we found out that we were having a son at 18 weeks and two days pregnant. So that’s almost five months along, and only four months away from my due date. You hear “18 weeks” and it doesn’t sound too terribly long, but four months sounds ridiculously long and it was. That’s an entire four months of waiting from the time you see the two little pink lines to find out if you’re having a son or a daughter. It was torture, but so worth the wait.

Untitled design (34)

It’s a boy!

I feel the infamous “flutters”

In all the excitement leading up to finding out whether or not Baby Sellers was a “he” or “she” I completely forgot that soon I would feel my baby move! Again, so. much. waiting. It wasn’t until 17 weeks that I felt the smallest little flutters (and to be honest I can’t even be sure that’s what I felt). I would lay there and just pay attention to every little thing happening in my tummy until one morning, after a ton of pumpkin spice pancakes (thank you Cracker Barrel), we were in the car and I felt what I can only describe as little fingers tickling me right under my skin. This feeling got stronger and stronger over the next couple weeks.

I feel baby kick

My doctor told me not to expect anything until at least 23-25 weeks when the baby would be big enough to reach. However, I felt our little boy full blown “kick” for the first time last week, at 21 weeks. Although I am not shocked that I felt this early because this child does belong to my husband who is a giant.

I’m sorry, can we all just take a moment to pray that this baby doesn’t take his father’s height (6′ 5″) until AFTER I deliver? Go ahead I’ll wait…


…Thank you.

We get to SEE the baby

Thankfully our Doctor does an early ultrasound for peace of mind of the parents. We saw our baby at 8 weeks pregnant and he was the size of a bean (and honestly looked like one too). It wasn’t until three months later that we saw him again! Three entire months! However, when we did see him, it was amazing because he had gone from just a little bean to two arms, two legs, and the cutest little face.

Untitled design (33)

18 weeks and two days.

So in a nutshell, pregnancy has so far been the most wonderful journey but I think I forgot just how long 9 months actually is!

I mean, for me, I was closer to my due date than not when all the real action started happening.

I am not going to rush things though, I am going to enjoy every single day and every moment that I get to carry him. As of today I am 22 weeks and one day, and our little guy spends his days running defensive plays in my stomach and I absolutely love it.

Until next time!sefsef

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