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Friday Favorites!

November 11, 2017 No Comments

Aside from the beautiful fall weather and the fact that very soon I can decorate my home for Christmas, here are a few things I have been loving this week!

Favorite Stress Relief

Sweetie Song Fetal Heartbeat Monitor


I have not used this “favorite” much lately, because I can feel W squirming all over the place, but for a while I was checking in on the little guy every few days. This was such a lifesaver for me because, despite my many attempts to just relax, I simply couldn’t, the anxiety over whether or not my baby was okay was too much to handle. There are mixed opinions on getting your own heartbeat monitor, some feeling that it can cause panic if you can’t find the heartbeat. For me? No panic, just relief. Plus, if I ever was listening and felt like something was wrong, I would want to know immediately and not find out weeks later. I ordered mine from Walmart and it was – I think – $30.

Favorite Pamper

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee


I am obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with this stuff. As little W grows, so does my tummy and all that stretching is making my skin so itchy and uncomfortable. I use this stuff every morning after I get out of the shower and then again at night before bed and it leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft and soothed.

Favorite Read

In The Woods by Tana French


Tyler and I do this (really adorable) Grandma and Grandpa thing at night. We lay next to each other in bed, with no television on, and we read together. I cannot put this book down, it’s a mystery about an unsolved missing persons case and that’s all I will say. 10/10, would recommend.

Favorite Freshen Up

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray


So, I do REALLY love this stuff but I just learned that this same brand makes a dry texturizing spray which I am going to order on Amazon promptly, right now. However, I have been using the Not Your Mother’s, Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray to spruce up my otherwise dull, straight hair. This gives me hair the little “umph” that it needs without it looking overdone.

Favorite Listen

Kelly Clarkson “Meaning of Life”


This album is unlike any other she has ever put out. It is so full of soul, and the entire sound of the album is so unique. I am absolutely obsessed. One of my favorite from the record is Cruel, give it a listen here and you’ll see what I mean about this album!

Favorite Laugh


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