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10 Wedding Day Tips You Don’t Always Hear

November 13, 2017 No Comments

It’s our wedding week! Well, four years ago it was. So, I figured it would be appropriate to share some insight from our beautiful fall wedding in 2013. Hers a few things I learned and realized once the big day had ended.

Eat breakfast, or something

Your nerves are shot and it’s only 8 AM. I get it, food is not something on your mind. However, it is imperative to eat something because if not you are going to be completely starving by the time you get to the ceremony. I know many of you brides are concerned about fitting perfectly into that beautiful dress but I can assure you that some eggs and a waffle are not going to throw off your look. You know what will? Vomit, all over your pretty white dress because you didn’t eat anything all day, and then drank on an empty stomach. Just saying folks. (Shout out to my BFF real quick for consuming five TacoBell soft tacos complete with mild sauce and then sliding into her skin tight wedding dress and looking like the hottest of all the flames. She is a true champion and for this I am proud to know her.)


Find some helping hands

It’s amazing the sense of relief I felt on my wedding day versus how I thought I would feel. I thought for sure I would be a nervous wreck while I was getting ready with my bridesmaids wondering if the venue was being set up appropriately. I asked two very dear family friends to help me out with this. The night before the wedding I drew up a map of the venue, put sticky notes on all the venue decor that labeled where each item should go, and these two incredible women went to the venue that morning and made sure that everything was placed in the proper spot. I had no worries whatsoever and this made the morning of my wedding much more enjoyable.








Hug your mom…a lot

She has been waiting for this day for a very long time. Since the day you were born she has envisioned this moment and just like that, here you are. There is going to be so much going on around you, and so many people needing and wanting your attention but no one more than your mom. Take a few moments that day and evening to go over and wrap your arms around her, she is going to appreciate it so much more than you will ever realize. Also, don’t forget how lucky you are that your mom is there to hug at all, some women are not that fortunate as fate would have it.




Hug your dad… a lot

Similarly to the above point, this one is an important one as well. You’re his little girl, the light of his life and today he is handing you off to another man. For years and years he has been your rock, your safe place, and your go-to guy. As happy as he is for you, there is going to be a part of him that is a little, well, sad. Don’t forget that he might need a little reminder that you will always be his little girl.  Plus, you might need the small reminder too that some women will never know what it is like to have their dad there to walk them down the aisle. Take a moment out of your evening to walk over and ask him for a dance, one outside of the traditional father-daughter dance. Maybe think up another special song for you two and have the DJ play it later on in the night. I asked my dad to walk with me down to the limo (thanks mom and dad) from the hotel room where I got ready. He was the first guy to see me all dressed up, and that walk from Room 334 to the curb was one of the most special moments of my big day.



1450126_10201145988637149_604372568_n (1)

Pull your new husband aside to a private area and kiss him real good.

The night is all about you and your new husband but it is amazing how little of each other you will see. With everything going on, and everyone pulling for your attention left and right, you might find it difficult to remember what this night is really about. Any chance you can, pull your new spouse aside, down a hallway, around a corner, anywhere and kiss him – kiss him good.


Don’t get so drunk you can’t remember the night

Indulge! Anyone who has planned a wedding before knows how much you deserve to let loose and celebrate! Our reception had a full service open bar and, well, it was a good time to say the least. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy the libations honey, you enjoy. All I am saying is that I can’t imagine that you would enjoy waking up the next day and not being able to remember anything past the “I Do”. Have a good time, dance with your friends, and live in the moment but keep in mind you’re going to want to remember this night.


Eat. Your. Food.

When dinner begins your adrenaline is going to be at an all time high. You will probably have zero appetite but I highly recommend eating. Mostly, because after the many formalities that accompany a wedding, the real party is going to begin and the drinks will start to pour. You don’t want to be partaking on an empty stomach!


Don’t forget the top tier of your cake!

Make sure you have someone grab this! T and I completely forgot to grab this when the reception was over but luckily we got our delicious cake from Publix so we were able to have a small cake made for us for our 1st anniversary. Actually, my parents surprised us with that on our anniversary. They knew how upset we were that we forgot to grab this so they had a little cake made for us with the exact flavors from the big night. My advice? Give someone the small task of grabbing this at the end of the night.




Too tired to consummate your marriage? Seriously, you’re not alone

The amount of pressure that this very old school tradition has put on newlyweds is huge! Now, I get it. To some, this night is going to be a very special one and by all means it should be, if you catch my drift. However, if this portion of your evening is not something that will be a huge ordeal for you, do not feel that the two of you absolutely must have sex. Don’t feel like you two don’t really love each other if you don’t “do the deed” after a 15 hour day, lots of drinks, and an adrenaline crash. There is nothing wrong with eating off a platter of bagels and muffins, laughing a lot as you recap the night, perusing through your wedding gifts, and passing out in each others arms. My wedding night was perfect.


Simply look around

This point is by far the most important one that I will mention in this entire blog. This is the tip that I give to every bride regardless of if they wanted my advice or not. Take a moment that evening to step back, away from the party and just look around, soak it all in. This night is so much more than the night you got married. It is the start of the most wonderful chapter of your life, where it will all begin. Surrounded by these people, this music, those laughs, and the many hugs, you are entering into a new era with the man that will hold your hand for the rest of your life. Look around at the faces, the moments between your loved ones, the laughs exchanged between your bridal party members sharing in their excitement for you. You will (hopefully) never get this time again, so it is so important to take as many mental pictures you can. Take it all in, don’t just let this evening fly by. And believe me, it will.











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