The 11 Phases of Shopping at TJ Maxx

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and welcome to Blondemas 2017!


Yes, I know “Blondemas” is not a thing, “Blogmas” is a thing, and yes I know, “Casey, December has begun, it is here already!” But you know…I’m gonna call it Blondemas and I’m gonna start it right this very day. Get ready for a new blog every. single. day. for the rest of December. Today we dive into a topic that I find personally to be a national crisis.

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by TJ Maxx.

Phase 1:

You go in for one, single, solitary item. Perhaps it is spatulas, because those are typically good quality and under $3.99. 

Phase 2:

Focus. You know that if you deviate from that path to the back wall with the kitchen items you will be sucked into the TJ Maxx vortex just running around picking up nonsense. 

Phase 3:  

“Wait, look at these coffee mugs with the little Christmas trees! And for only $1.99 each, c’monnnnn.”

“Oh my gosh and these coasters are monogrammed and the only set left has the initial of our last name, it’s fate.”

Phase 4:

“I’m going to drop all of this, let me go get a cart.”

Phase 5:


Face masks and other beauty products because “$2.99 and self-care is a must”.

Throw pillows for the living room couch.

Phase 6:

“These pillows are so cute, but they don’t really match the current color scheme in our living room.”


Phase 7:

Picture frames, all the picture frames.

“Babe, they have this lamp that will be perfect for the living room so if I buy it now can you come by after work with the truck and pick it up?”

Area rug because, “this is EXACTLY like the one I was looking at online 2 weeks ago except the colors and pattern are different! What are the chances!”

Phase 8:

“Honestly, I don’t think this will come to more than $100.00 total everything was so cheap.”

Phase 9:

“Would you like to sign up for a TJ Maxx rewards card and save 10% today?”

Phase 10:

“Alright, your total is $267.38”

Phase 11:

….I forgot to get spatulas.


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