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Pregnancy is Amazing But Ultrasounds are 40% Excitement, 60% “I Can’t Breathe”

December 12, 2017 1 Comment

Ultrasounds: 40% excitement, 60% “Excuse me ma’am but I need you to be telling me my baby looks okay.”

At our 18-week anatomy scan we learned that baby Sellers would be a little man and while learning this news was so exciting, it was followed by a solid 15 minutes of me not breathing. I had no idea how nerve-wracking ultrasounds could be. All the excitement leading up to our anatomy scan and knowing we would learn the gender of our baby made me forget that during this appointment they were going to be making sure he had all his limbs, heart chambers, and other vital organs.

So, there I am laying on this chair squeezing my husband’s hand while the tech moves the monitor around my stomach. She is measuring to make sure his little bones, organs, and limbs are all there and of the right proportion. THEN, she moves on to the more concerning areas. She’s zooming in on his brain, measuring, zooming back out and back in.

The freaking ultrasound tech is being dead silent. So, in my mind, she’s seen something bad. Then she moves on to this heart and proceeds to do the same thing.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and just blurt out, “Does everything look okay, I just need to know.”

She laughed and told me everything looked great and that she was being quiet because she had to concentrate since our son would not stop squirming.

From that point on she made an effort to give me the play-by-play which was nice.

Luckily everything was fine. The only thing they found during this scan was what they called a simple “calcium deposit” on his heart (there is a technical term for this but it’s super long and I have done well not Googling this nonsense and I’m not gonna start now). Even though the Doctor said it was common and nothing to worry about, I had to proceed to ask her 10 more times throughout that visit…

“Is this common? Is it anything to worry about? Does it go away?”

Turns out it is very common and eventually the issue will resolve itself. It made me feel better though that they did not recommend any extra appointments or ultrasounds.

At our 26 week ultrasound, the calcium deposit was still there but the little guy looked healthy and perfect so there remained no cause for concern. Again, I was told that it’s completely normal to catch these things on the ultrasound. We got to see him again which was amazing because he had a sweet little face and looked more like a “baby”. However, once again, after the excitement of looking at our little boy came complete anxiety. The tech began measuring all sorts of things and eventually landed on his kidneys. She kept going back to that area and measuring and zooming in, eventually, she even asked me to lay on my side.



My sweet, amazing, supportive husband just kept holding my hand and giving it a tight little squeeze every now and then.

Also, he knows me and he knows that if he didn’t do SOMETHING I was going to spiral into a full-blown Teresa Guidice vs. Danielle at the dinner table flip out (shout out to my girls who know what I am referencing).

She then told us that there was a little extra fluid around his kidneys and that once again it was perfectly common in boys. When we went back and met with the Doctor, she confirmed that all this stuff was common in boys and that the amount of fluid around his kidneys was also well in the “normal range”.

Y’all. I am telling you. The ultrasounds are amazing, I seriously wish I could have one every single day. However, they are incredibly nerve-wracking but I do know that all of this is probably because I am a first time mom and as such, I am experiencing all of this for the first time.

Let me know, did any other mama bear’s out there feel this way during their ultrasounds?


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1 Comment

  • butletsbereal913 December 13, 2017 at 5:18 am

    I only had 3 ultrasounds my entire pregnancy, one to confirm my pregnancy at 7 weeks, which was nerve wracking because though this was a “SURPRISE” baby, we wanted it to be healthy, and they told us if there was a heart beat at 7 weeks then things were looking good. Then we had one at 13 weeks to check to make sure that things were looking okay and that there was no need to be concerned about baby, baby didn’t cooperate but in the end we found out everything was okay. Then finallllllly at 20 weeks we had our anatomy scan, the tech kept taking pictures of her heart. For what felt like forever. Finally my boyfriend, asked if everything was okay, becuase our tech wasn’t saying anything and kept looking at it… She finally told us it was okay she just wanted to get photos of the blood going through each of the chambers of the heart. Then finally she told us we were having a girl. Our daughter kept her legs crossed the entire ultrasound, and he face covered. The tech told us she was 99.9% certain we were having a baby girl… we didn’t get any cute photos of her because she covered her face.

    When it came to delivery, immediately after having her they kept saying “he” and calling our baby “buddy” and all of a sudden we remembered that the tech had a hard time telling us the gender. It turned out that 10 babies had been born that night and every single one of them was a boy, except for us. We had the only girl that night, so it was just out of habit that they were saying “he”.

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