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What Was In Our Hospital Bag || & What We Never Used From It

March 9, 2018 2 Comments

Tyler and I got our hospital bag prepared at around 36 weeks! I knew that most first pregnancies almost always go beyond the due date but I also knew that my mom had both me and my sister a few days before we were due. Thank goodness we did that because our little Wyatt came five days early on March 3rd! Here is a quick tour of what we had in our hospital bag for the big day!

A Super Soft, Comfy, and Nursing Appropriate Robe

A friend of mine recently told me that one of the best things she did after she gave birth was to get out of the hospital gown as soon as possible. I can see how this helps make you feel more human and less like you’re “in the hospital”. My mom got me a super adorable, and feminine robe that I absolutely love so that had to go in the bag!

Did I use it? Hell. Yes. It felt SO good to get out of that hospital gown and into something soft and clean. Plus, the robe was so feminine it really helped me feel like myself only a slightly more badass version because hey, I just pushed an almost 7-pound baby out of a hole the size of a grapefruit. Hairflip.

Medela Nursing Bra

Um, first of all, I had no idea how expensive these things were. After buying this one I received a ton of tips from people of places and brands that are cheaper and frankly easier to use.

Did I use it? Yep! Almost immediately after Wyatt was born and we got settled into our maternity room a lactation consultant came in to help is get started. Now, I will say this particular bra was incredibly comfortable but the snaps are so hard to unclasp which proved especially challenging when you’re holding a newborn with one hand and trying to unclip a bra with the other. So yes I used it, but won’t be buying another Medela nursing bra. Anyone have another brand they use and can recommend?

Breast Pump and Accessories

My Doctor said that the hospital provides a pump for you while you are there but that if you have your own to bring it. That way the lactation consultant can help you set it up and get used to using it.

Did I use it? No, I didn’t but I think that just might be what happened in my situation. The lactation consultant sort of insisted that I used the hospital’s pump which coincidently was the exact same one that I had so I didn’t really complain. I would say if you have one go ahead and pack it then ask the lactation consultant to show you how to work it.


Fact: After you give birth you bleed…a lot. It’s really just like a super heavy period but think about what just happened down there. Crime scene. The hospital gave me these white, mesh panties that I would describe more as tight bicycle shorts. They also give you these giant pads (use them!) but the mesh panties are not fitting at all and the pad is pretty heavy so I really didn’t feel secure in them. Thank goodness I brought the Depends because holy freaking crap they were so comfortable. I still put the big pad in them but I didn’t feel for one moment like I was gonna leak.

Did I use them? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

I bought this spray as I had read that Perineal spray can really help soothe your downstairs area after birth. Not to mention I did have a second-degree tear that I needed to be stitched up. However, the hospital provided Dermaplast spray which I found provided more of a “numbing” feeling down there whereas the Perineal spray was just soothing. At the time, numbing is what I needed.

Did I use it? Once and then not again until a few days after delivery when things stopped feeling so sore and I just needed to feel refreshed.

Toiletries, Makeup Remover Wipes, and Makeup

If you are like me you don’t feel alive each day until you take a shower and get ready. I wasn’t sure what my day-to-day would look like in the hospital and although I brought travel size shower toiletries I didn’t know if a shower would be something I would have time for. I brought dry shampoo to freshen up if that was the case. However, with the help of the most amazing baby daddy ever I was able to take a long, hot shower and it was life-changing. I was even able to put on some makeup which made me feel even more like myself!

Did I use it? Yes and no. I didn’t use the dry shampoo because there was more than enough time for me to get a shower in while Wyatt was sleeping and Tyler was on daddy-duty.

Going Home Outfit for Little Man

This one is pretty obvious. We packed two outfits for Wyatt, one that was newborn size and one 0-3 month. At our last ultrasound, the Doctor told us little man weighed about 7.5 pounds however at birth he was only 6.13 so newborn outfit it was!

Did I use it? Well, the little guy couldn’t go home naked.


We brought a few swaddle blankets with us but we never used them and I think I didn’t use them for maybe a ridiculous reason. When they cleaned Wyatt up and brought him to me he was in one of the hospital swaddles. There was just something about the little pink and blue stripped swaddle blanket that kept reminding me that this just happened, that we were at the hospital because our son was born.

Did I use them? No, but you probably will so go ahead and bring them.

Diapers and Wipes

In hindsight, I don’t know why I thought I needed to bring these but we packed a few newborn size diapers in our bag. The hospital provided us with an entire pack of newborn diapers and wipes so we never even touched our supply. Fun tip! Every single time you get a new nurse or anyone at all that asks “can I get you anything?”, ask for more diapers. Take all the diapers out of the current pack except a few and ask for more. Is it being sneaky? Yes. Did I feel bad about it? No. We walked out of that hospital with so many packs of diapers and wipes because we have no shame.

Did I use them? Nope, the hospital will absolutely provide them so save some room in that bag!

We brought a few more items with us like phone chargers, snacks, and our iPad and we definitely used all of that!

What was in your hospital bag? Was there something you couldn’t have lived without? Let me know in the comments below and share your experience!


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  • Sarah Beth March 9, 2018 at 10:14 pm

    I have found several styles of nursing bars at motherhood maternity and love them! Also I only bought th on sale or with coupons!
    Definitely brought my own snacks. Our smaller hospital closes the cafeteria at night and all they have to offer is jello and lance crackers. After pushing a baby or, I’d like something more than that. And DRIED FRUIT! I had a tear and was terrified of the first post-delivery BM. Lots of fiber helps 😜
    I also packed coconut oil. Used it for sore nipples. Also, if you put some on baby’s bum it moisturizes and makes cleaning up meconium easier. Too bad Maggie was pooping as she came out! 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • caseylsellers March 10, 2018 at 11:18 pm

      Yeah I am definitely going to look for something different, I have a few coupons to MM so I’ll have to check it out!

      The only thing opened at night at CMC main was Panera but holy smokes is it expensive! I just pushed out a baby bring me a Big Mac and Fries and a freaking Diet Coke! hahah

      I honestly didn’t have a problem going to the bathroom afterwards, but I was for sure scared about how it would feel. I had to keep remembering I didn’t push him out from my butt hahah. But its the same pushing senstation and everything just feel sooo sensitive down there!

      Yessss for pooping when she came out! haha Wyatt peed all over everything as soon as he came out in true little boy fashion.

      Thanks for commenting Sarah Beth!

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