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Things I Stopped & Started Doing By 28

March 16, 2018 No Comments

I wish I could say these are things I stopped and started doing a lot earlier than 28-years-old but timing is everything. Between the ages of 26 and 28, I did a lot of adulting, fast. It was during these “formative” years that I started making changes in my overall well-being. Since making these small yet imperative changes life has been a lot…lighter. Here are a few things I stopped and started doing once I hit 28.

I stopped runnin’ around, spending my money on nonsense

I started being more conscious of how I was spending money and what I was spending it on. For example, I didn’t HAVE to go into Tj Maxx for one top and walk out with 3 picture frames, a “welcome mat”, several candles, and a buffet of face masks because “they were only $2.99”.

I started keeping my car clean

I will never forget the look on my girlfriends face when she got into my car a few years ago and I literally had to scoop trash and other nonsense from the passenger seat and toss it in the back. Basically, I started treating my car like my vehicle and not a literal mobile home.

I stopped drinking with the sole intention of getting drunk

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My days of playing tour-de-Franzia and shot-gunning beers on a Wednesday night are long behind me. SO, for me to say “OMG, do you want to get day-drunk” means I am having two glasses of wine and then I can’t feel my face. Also, a girl has stuff to do! I can’t spend the whole next day hungover binging double cheeseburgers and Hulu. However, that’s not to say I don’t go out and enjoy myself from time to time.

I started washing my face every single night

Fact: I can only name three times in the last three years that I have gone to bed with makeup on and without washing my face. I don’t know if it is an OCD thing at this point, but I attribute (without sounding conceited) my fairly clear skin to the way I take care of it.

I stopped cursing out loud, and very loudly, in public

Ugh. Nothing grinds my gears more than when I hear an adult, a grown woman, curse out loud in public despite who may be around. Let me be the first to admit, I am not innocent in this but that was years ago and if you are my age and not being more conscious of your language in public, it’s time to staaaart.

giphy (7)

I started making more time for self-care

It’s amazing what happened to my mental health once I started taking time for myself. As a married gal, I found myself making no time for me, filling up my cup. It started with little things like bubble baths, getting my nails done, face masks, you know, girl stuff.

I stopped needing so many friends

Quality over quantity people, it’s that simple. My roster is pretty full of nothing but great, great people.

I started having higher standards – in every area

In my marriage, friendships, job, you name it, I started really evaluating my self-worth and what I deserved in every area of my life. This can probably go hand-in-hand with improving my self-care but this was bigger than that.


What would you add to this list, is there anything about your life that you changed up once you hit a certain age? Share yours in the comments below!



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