Wyatt’s Nursery Tour!

For those who are not aware my husband is a mountain man fully equipped with all the flannel you can find and a (pretty sexual) beard that grows an inch longer every time he sneezes. So, when we learned we were pregnant with our son, we didn’t have to think twice about the theme for his nursery.

Wyatt’s nursery sticks with a woodland theme! We love the idea of cozy flannel, furry teddy bears, trees, and other fun critters. Decorating his room was so much fun for Tyler and I and I think that if we ever had to move out of our home the hardest part would be leaving this one particular space.

So without further ado, here is Wyatt’s nursery!




crib bbbb.png




Fun fact: My mom made these signs!



We’re just making sure we start him off on the right track ya know?

The pieces for Wyatt’s nursery come from everywhere! We got most of his wall decor from Hobby Lobby (two of them gifted by a friend!) and Marshalls. The furniture is from Babies “R” Us including the crib sheet set, and mobile. The “WYATT” above the window and the wooden wall signs were both handmade by my mom, she’s super great at crafting those sorts of things!

What theme is your little one’s nursery? Post in the comments below I would love to see pictures!






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