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March Favorites!

April 12, 2018 No Comments

Yes, I know it’s April.

But YA’ GIRL JUST HAD A BABY. I rarely even know what day of the week it is, I just know that if my husband is home…it must be Saturday or Sunday.

So I do apologize for promising so many posts, I have every intention of posting them and then my child poops his pants, throws up all over himself, cries for nothing, and sometimes does all of this at once. So needless to say it’s been an adventure, of the absolute most amazing kind. But my free time is limited so I appreciate everyone understanding.

Anyway! Let me get into what you are all here for! Here are my very best, most favorite things of March!

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

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So I have this weird skin thing, I’ve had it for years and years and for a long time I didn’t know that there was actually a name for it. So, I have Keratosis Pilaris aka chicken skin. It’s mostly on the backs of my arms which is the most common place to have it. The annoying part of this is that there is no “treatment” for it. I have been to dermatologists in the past who were just like, “exfoliate and put on lotion”. Thanks Doc. Anyway, this product specifically says on the bottle that it helps to “treat” the “little bumps” on your arms. So I gave it a shot and I really like it, my arms feel and look so much better after just a few weeks of using it.

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation

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I have been searching forever for a new foundation, one that doesn’t dry me out and also doesn’t leave me oily and Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation is. fire. A little goes such a long way which is just what I like in a liquid foundation. I will definitely be purchasing this again! My sister told me I should also try the “Born This Way” liquid foundation from Too Faced so who knows maybe that will make an appearance in my April favorites! For now though, this stuff is my go to.

Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask

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If you follow me on Instagram (@thebigblondebrain) then you know from my stories how much I love this stuff. I got this from Mario Badescu as a sample and was hesitant to try it out because I didn’t know what extra collagen was going to do for my face. This stuff has me shook to my core and I am obsessed with the results I get from using it. It smells like heaven and is not harsh on my skin the way some masks are. I use it every 2-3 days for a little extra umph. It has officially made it to my list of staple self-care items!

Democracy Optic Skinny Woven Jeans


A few weeks ago I was able to put away maternity pants and hop back into my old jeans.

But yall, losing that elastic waistband…

giphy (1)

These jeans are amazing! They don’t exactly have an elastic waistband but they do have a stretch material just around the hips that is amazingly comfortable. These are a size 6 but I would honestly even say to size down a bit because they are stretchy. Oh, also! Unlike most stretch jeans that lose their shape after wearing them for an hour, these don’t lose shape at all!

And my last and #1 March favorite…

Wyatt Thomas Sellers


So my March favorites list isn’t as long as it could be but that is because my actual March favorites are not material things…or a baby. For example, a few more March favorites would be sleep, snuggles with my little man, “baby smell”, coffee, and did I mention sleep?

Have you used any of the products I mentioned above? I would love to know what you thought of them yourself!


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