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Mario Badescu Product Review | Current Favorites

April 14, 2018 1 Comment

Mario Badescu is my absolute favorite skincare line, hands down. I have now tried a handful of their products and I am going to break down for you my honest opinion on all of them and hopefully, you can find that some of these would work for you too. So here we go, here are my current favorite products from the line!

Enzyme Cleansing Gel – $14

This is my go-to morning cleanser. It is the best at keeping my skin shine free. This cleanser is super gentle and doesn’t dry me out at all. Also, I have definitely noticed it helping to reduce shine, I used to see a good bit of shine in my T-Zone in the late afternoon but hardly at all since using this. Plus it smells like heaven.

Glycolic Acid Toner – $18

I am on the fence about this one, ONLY because I feel like it does dry me out a bit. Have I noticed it helps to even out my skin tone? Absolutely. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with large pores or uneven skin tone. I use this promptly after washing my face in the morning prior to putting on lotion.

Hyrdo Moisturizer with Vitamin C – $18

Okay! Something to know about this. It comes in a very small bottle. When it was sent to me and I opened the box I thought…

giphy (3).gif

That was before I realized a little goes a LONG way. I use a dime size amount of this twice a day. I absolutely love it mostly because it doesn’t linger. What I mean by this is that it dries so quickly and leaves no oily or greasy residue. I think this combined with using the Collagen Mask 2-3 times a week is the reason that my skin tone looks so even lately. I am excited to try other lotions but so far I am loving this! The Vitamin C aspect really brightens things up a bit. I don’t mean that my face is glowing I just mean that my skin looks more alive.

Botanical Facial Gel – $14

Now, this is my bedtime cleanser! Yes, you read correctly I use two different cleansers in a day, I am that extra. But there is a reason! The hydroxy acid helps to take off all of my makeup from the day and rids my pores of anything that may have clogged them up throughout the day. I love it and it is definitely part of my forever skincare routine. Highly recommended to anyone with larger, easily clogged pores and makeup junkies such as myself.

Botanical Exfoliating Scrub – $26

Now, I probably won’t purchase this again and that is ONLY because I don’t use exfoliators too often and that is ONLY because I don’t break out often and my pores don’t clog to terribly (again, not to toot my own horn but I am super OCD with my skincare). However, I have been using it twice a week to banish any sign of “dull” from my skin. Tip with exfoliators: don’t use them every day you are going to dry the shit out of your skin. Also, an interesting tip my sister shared with me is that if you do have a breakout you shouldn’t use the exfoliator all over your skin because you are going to spread that breakout. She’s like…really smart with this stuff.

However, if you do have clogged pores, and are looking for something to polish your skin I highly suggest this exfoliator. Something I LOVE about Mario Badescu products is just how gentle they are! This exfoliator is so gentle whereas so many can be harsh and very, very rough.

Special Healing Powder – $12


giphy (5)

If you get shiny…this is for you. I cannot express to you how amazing this stuff is. Like I said, I get shiny around mid-day, a little less than before I started using the products but still it happens a bit. I keep this with me in my purse and just dab a few dabs around my T-Zone and chin and this powder does not leave my face until I wash it at night. It is amazing. Will I continue to purchase this? Yes, yes 100 times yes.

Super Collagen Mask – $18

This is my absolute favorite from this list! If you remember back to my Instagram story you know why this is my favorite!

giphy (2)

^ Lol live footage of all of y’all right now cuz you know you don’t remember that far back, even I don’t remember that far back.

Anyway, we’re not getting any younger ladies! Studies show that by the time a woman hits 25-years-old the skin aging process speeds up quite a bit. That is why I try to incorporate at least one product into my skincare routine that contains Vitamin E, Retinol, Collagen or any other anti-aging component. I am obsessed with this, it is easily my favorite thing in this entire review. I use it every 2-3 days for a little extra umph. It literally does exactly what the jar says, plumps my skin. This has very quickly become a staple product in my self-care lineup.

It is so, so gentle. Most masks can be very harsh on my skin but this one is super gentle even if I leave it on for the full 15 minutes. It smells like heaven. It smells fresh and clean and I can PROMISE you that after you wash it off you will immediately notice the difference in your skin. It just looks softer and more awake.

There is so much I love about Mario Badescu but here are the main points:

  • The products are NOT expensive and they do what they say they are going to do for your skin.
  • They smell like heaven, all of them.
  • All of the products are so gentle, not the least bit harsh.


Let me know in the comments below if you have used any other products I should try next, I would love to know!




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