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We Tried Hello Fresh & Here’s What We Thought

May 4, 2018 No Comments

I was always hesitant to try out a meal kit delivery service for a couple of reasons. First, I was not to keen on the price for just 3 meals. I could probably go to the grocery store and get the ingredients to make one recipe 4 times over for what I would pay for just 3 meals altogether. Second, I was concerned about the portion sizes. Not that we eat 3 helpings of dinner each night, but my hubby is 6 foot 5 and while we understand the importance of portion control, I’m not going to send him to bed starving because I fed him like…a piece of broccoli and a cracker for dinner. Third, I thought “how fresh could this nonsense be…it’s coming to me via a UPS truck.” That brings me to my last point which ties into the second, I kept thinking that Hello Fresh was a DIET. Like, a portion control diet. I have no idea why I thought this, I just always thought that was the deal.

I got an email from Hello Fresh for the millionth time with a promo code and finally just decided to go for it. I am a new mom juggling a newborn so the days of “running to the grocery store and coming home to a relaxing glass of wine while I cooked” were long behind me. I figured why not give it a shot and have dinner delivered TO me with what they advertise as “minimal work”. We used a promo code that got us, I think 40% off which made our total cost really not bad at all.

When our Hello Fresh box arrived I opened it up to some super cute packaging (I am such a sucker for cute packaging). Inside was another coupon code for their new Hello Fresh Wine Plan (which I definitely plan on trying), a “Welcome” booklet, and the recipes. The recipes were Southwest Stuffed Peppers, “Little Ears” Pesto Pasta, and Balsamic Fig Chicken. Each recipe was packaged together nicely in its own brown bag which was nice because I expected to have to search through just a jumbled mess of ingredients trying to piece together what goes with which recipe. However, it was very simple.


Over the next few nights, while I prepared the meals, I could not believe how fresh all of the produce actually was. To be honest, the broccoli was probably the freshest I have ever seen, it was so green and crisp! That could be said about everything else too, the chicken, the sweet potatoes, the onions, everything! When the meal was ready, the taste was outstanding, the recipes really are so fresh. What I also loved was that there was like…no cleanup. The recipes make it so easy that for the most part, you are only using 1 pan the entire time.


I was also nervous about the portion size, especially when I saw the little tiny coin purse of pasta that was included with the “Little Ears” pasta…

I literally at one point thought to myself “Okay, so what else can I make for dinner.” But, I went with it and holy cow was I impressed. It was so perfectly portioned for both Tyler and I. It actually put me in check because this is usually me…


I don’t know why I always thought these meal kits were part of a portion control diet, I have no idea why I thought this. But this was so far from true, the meals are just perfectly portioned and healthy, nothing diet about them. On top of the great portion sizes, they were SO delicious! I had already sort of set myself up to say, “Well, that was a waste of money” but I absolutely could not bring myself to say that, they were all so so good!

So, my verdict on Hello Fresh, is yes, yes, yes! If you are looking for a quick, healthy, and delicious way to make dinner for your family then I say go for it. I promise you will not be disappointed.

If you are ready to give a meal kit a try I highly suggest Hello Fresh. And right now you can use my promo code CASEYLSE and get $40 off your first box! You will not be disappointed!


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