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To The Mom’s Who Just Had Babies: Stop Panicking About a Bathing Suit

May 25, 2018 No Comments

Does anyone else just absolutely loathe the time of year that they start putting bathing suits out? Look, I go to Target to relax and spend money on nonsense, I am not there to give myself a complex. It might be February but I am still only halfway through this Gingerbread Latte, it’s still Christmas, relax. But, nonetheless every single year it seems like the bathing suit displays go up earlier and earlier and every single year I say the same thing, “Lord bless my soul, I am not ready for that yet.”

This year the same thing happened but pretty much hit me ten times harder. I was walking through T.J. Maxx (another store that my wallet could probably do without) and there they were: bathing suits. I guess with all the excitement of the birth of my little guy I forgot that he was born in March and in North Carolina bathing suit season could start any minute (North Carolina has 2 seasons, Winter and Summer you don’t get any time in between).

This realization honestly almost put me in a serious funk. I knew my body had not fully bounced back given the fact that my son was born only 3 months ago!

Now, I could go one of two directions with this post.

I could talk about how “I looked down at my beautiful baby boy and my fluffy stomach and felt proud because it was my body that brought him into this world, I am woman hear me roar, blah blah.”

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel that way. I watched my son be born. I know what my body is capable of and I am damn proud of it.

But I feel like when you are a new mom, I’m talking brand new mom going into bathing suit season…that sentiment is not going to make you feel any more like putting on a bikini, let’s be real. I mean yes, be proud of that body it did amazing things but I feel like there are already enough blog posts out there that go that direction.

I am going to make this one about you, Mama Bear.

So, I am going to keep it real with you. If you don’t feel like you want to wear a bathing suit this summer…just don’t! You could shove yourself into a bathing suit that you know you’ll be uncomfortable in or you could throw on a cute ass sundress, rock it and have just as much fun.  Because honest talk: you’re not going to feel as comfortable this summer as you maybe did last summer that’s just a fact. If it makes you feel better I would 100% feel like a sausage in a bikini right now. are

Also, there is nothing wrong with a one-piece. If I am being honest they are almost cuter than the bikinis they make these days! But again, if you try it on and it’s still making you feel uncomfortable just don’t wear it.

I guess what I have learned throughout these very early months of my postpartum journey is that there is already enough freaking pressure on new moms. There is personal pressure of “holy shit, I am a mom, I am responsible for this little life”, and there are other pressures of getting out of the house on time, getting enough sleep, not pissing your pants at any given moment, and rearranging your finances because you just added your baby to your health insurance and jimminy crickets someone call the homeless shelter.

The LAST thing I am going to stress out about this summer is what I look like in a bathing suit.

I just gave birth a few months ago and I am not going to cram myself into a bathing suit because I am worried about what people will say if I just wear shorts and a tank top. I am not going to ruin my weekend or summer for that matter because I feel obligated to wear a bathing suit that frankly I just know I won’t feel comfortable in. But on the other hand, if I stumble upon a cute one-piece I am going to rock that too and feel just as good.

So for all of you Moms out there that had Winter/Spring babies, I encourage you to just do what you feel comfortable with this summer, that is my game plan. I am also a firm, FIRM believer in the fact that you are responsible for your own happiness. If you are itching to get that pre-baby body back, I feel you go for it!

But don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you have to get your pre-baby body back super fast just because of the time of year it is.

Take your time getting back to your old self. Adjust to your new life as a mom first and foremost, don’t destroy your probably already fragile mental and emotional health by adding another layer of pressure. An article of clothing.

So go into the weekend stress-free. Take the time to remember how recently you just had your baby, remove the pressure and enjoy this season of your life.



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