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How to Throw a Bachelorette Party She’ll Never Forget

July 19, 2018 No Comments

I would have to say that the hardest I have ever rallied in my entire life was when I was almost 5 months pregnant and threw my best gal pal her Bachelorette party. It was exhausting and worth every freakin’ minute. She had an absolute blast and believe it or not so did I. I knew when I found out I was pregnant that this meant I would be pregnant for her wedding and every festivity that came before it (I was pregnant at her Bridal shower and ya girl had no idea. I was pretty impressed with myself since I literally can keep nothing from this girl). But! It was awesome. Myself and her Maid-of-Honor thru her the most adorable and “her style” Bachelorette party.

Fast forward to now, I am helping to plan another Bachelorette party for a lifelong girlfriend of mine. Here are a few things I have learned over my many years of party planning!

Don’t try to do it all alone

As Matron-of-Honor, I was in a very fortunate situation as there was a Maid-of-Honor as well! The BEST part of planning this bachelorette party was that myself and her Maid-of-Honor had the exact same desire to throw an amazing bachelorette party for our bestie. Looking back, had I felt the pressure of having to get it all done and organized myself…gives me anxiety. Rely on the bridal party to help, they want to contribute any way they can!

Don’t be a cheap a$$

Look I get it, most of us are in a personal recession and while Pinterest makes everything look so easy, putting together a Bachelorette party is not easy on the wallet. The good thing is that most Bachelorette parties can be planned months in advance. Keep in mind that this moment is going to happen, god willing, one time for your bestie which warrants a little extra splurging. When my best gal pal got engaged I quickly got together with her Maid-of-Honor and the planning began! Yes, we did take to Pinterest but we got started planning so early that we were able to tackle one adorable decoration and reservation at a time. Remember that this is worth all the bells and whistles and the details matter. Moral of the story: if you can DIY it…do it for yourself and your bank account. But if realize the DIY version of the customized champagne flutes look like garbaaaaahhge then it’s time to scrounge together your coins, punch it to Etsy, and do the damn thing. For example, my partner-in-crime took to Etsy to find these ADORABLE shirts for us to all wear during the day. Oh, yeah, the Bride-to-Be is obsessed with Disney…like…it’s intense. The girl has alerts on her phone that go off for when she is allowed to make dinner reservations at Disney restaurants…for their vacation…that is usually months away. Gotta love her.



Peep baby Wyatt 🙂 Her MOH surprised me and had them print this on my shirt. I cried.

Don’t go into it without a theme

This goes back to the details, they truly matter. Take the time to think of a great theme for the party. Maybe it relates to the destination or the Bride-to-be herself, but sticking with a theme makes planning a lot easier and honestly a lot more fun. The theme doesn’t have to be anything crazy either! For us, we stuck with a simple color scheme of black, gold, and silver. Simple but still very fun.

Pinterest is just simply the worst…for the most part.

Fact: Things look amazing on Pinterest and unless you have the patience of Gandhi and the cash flow of Bill Gates, you’re not going to pull off a ton that you have pinned to your Pinterest board. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t make some variation of these items. We took some ideas from our Pinterest boards and we were able to re-create several items we had pinned. For example, this adorable and 100% appropriate for the internet sign…


And this very festive “Drop Your Panties” box. Each girl brought a few pairs of cute undies for the Bride!


Don’t wait until the last minute to iron out the details

At this point, your bachelorette party should be pretty planned out, you have tubs of decor sitting on your dining room table, and reservations made at restaurants. NOW! This is important. Make sure every little detail is ironed out. If you plan on going to a club or bar that night…call and make sure they don’t have a special event that night that will close the place down to the public. If you are planning on doing a pool day at the hotel you are staying at call and make sure the pool will actually be open…like we should have done.

Fun story…that was our plan. A relaxing pool day. We booked the best hotel in uptown Charlotte with a really nice pool. Our plan was a pool day, go back to the room for games and drinks, get ready, and head out for dinner and dancing. My partner-in-crime, the MOH called the hotel to ask if we were allowed to bring our own drinks to the pool at which point the woman promptly told us,

“Yeah, the pool is closed for maintenance.”

giphy (6).gif

I’m sorry, what?! We panicked. But thank goodness we called because if not, we would not have switched hotels and we would not have ended up with cutest poolside cabana fully equipped with Sangria, snacks, and a DJ. It was perfect.


Don’t think everything is going to go according to plan

That point brings me to my next…point. Shit is probably not going to go completely as planned. Don’t put a time frame or stamp on anything except a reservation. Don’t make an itinerary that says, “and at this time we will go to this place…” because chances are the Uber will be late, there will be traffic, or someone will take way too long to sober up to get ready. These things happen, just roll with it.

Remember who this day is about

Don’t assume where she wants to go or what she wants to do. For example, you might not be the biggest “club person” and have no interest in a dance party until 2 am but, if that is what your Bride wants to do, that is what you’re doing. Just be down for the cause. Ask her up-front where she wants to go to dinner or at least what type of food she wants to eat! Ask what her ideal night looks like. Does she want to dance? Does she want to bar hop? Does she want to just stay in? This also goes into the previous point of how things won’t always go as planned. The plan could be that after dinner you’re going to end up at a certain bar and on the way to that bar you hear a DJ blasting music and your Bride decides this is where she wants to go! Welp, looks like the plan has changed and that’s okay! This night is about her.


Don’t sweat the small stuff

Your guest of honor, the bride-to-be is going to be so happy with anything you do for her. So no matter how big or small your budget may be, how much you care about your friend and her pending wedding day will show in the plans and details you put together for her bachelorette party.

Do you have any tips for bachelorette party planning? What was your theme? Let me know!

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