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My Favorite Items for My Not-So-Newborn Baby

July 26, 2018 No Comments

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links

Before Wyatt was born I did a ton of research and reading on blogs, forums, groups, etc. for all of the baby gear I absolutely needed for my newborn. I was completely set. I got the Solly wrap, the Rock-N-Play, the list goes on! But then I realized that hmm, this child is growing and growing fast. He suddenly needs a lot more than just a swaddle and a boppy pillow.

Wyatt is almost 5 months old is starting to develop his own little personality and by that I mean he is starting to discover the things he likes and doesn’t like. For example, cold wipes? Meltdown. I have also learned that leaving the house with a little baby is a lot more complicated than leaving the house with just me myself, and I. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

Here are a few items on my list of things you absolutely need for your not-so-newborn baby!

Dreampanion Portable Nightlight


Wyatt’s room gets absolutely pitch black at night and not a ton of light reaches inside of his crib from his night light that is plugged into the wall. My cousin told me about this item and we use it religiously every single night. This has been super helpful as we started transitioning Wyatt from our room to his crib in his room. We didn’t want him to wake up in the middle of the night, still unsure of where he was and get scared. This little light is super soft and doesn’t get hot so it is okay if the baby holds and snuggles it. Charging it is super simple, you just place it on the dock and it takes only 3 hours to charge enough to shine for the ENTIRE night. We place this in the corner of Wyatt’s crib and it provides the perfect amount of bedtime light for him.

IMG_2293 (1)


Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer


Wyatt has discovered that he absolutely hates to be cold. Hates a less than warm pool, bath, lotion, you name it! That includes his baby wipes. This wipe warmer has been such a life-saver for diaper changing time. The wipes stay just warm enough and it is super easy to use. You just take the wipes from their original packaging, pop them in, and it’s business as usual. I had read a few reviews on other brands of wipe warmers and they all mentioned that sometimes the moisture inside the warmer would cause mold but that has not been the case at all with us, not even once.


Carter’s Bandana Bibs



Our kiddo hit 4 months old and the drooling came in full force. Our Pediatrician told us this is normal as he is preparing to start cutting teeth (no teeth yet, he is still a little guy). The fronts of all of his clothes are constantly drenched in drool which brings us back to the “he hates being cold” factor. I was using regular bibs for the longest time but they were all so big and bulky. These little bandana bibs were absolutely perfect and look pretty cute too.



Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bath


We got the most AMAZING newborn bathtub for our baby shower and it has been more than used. Wyatt absolutely loves his bath but as he got bigger the newborn bathtub was starting to get a little cramped. I could see him wanting to start splashing around and kicking in the water and he just couldn’t. This bathtub is absolutely perfect for those in-between stages between a newborn bathtub and a big boy bathtub. It provides enough cushion and space for him to lean back (with my help) and splash around in the water. There is also a small sensor on the bottom that lights up red when the water reaches “too hot”.



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