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DIY Antique China Plate Wall

October 6, 2018 No Comments
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Between my family and T’s family, we have collected quite a few beautiful family heirlooms. One of our favorite things has been the collection of antique china plates (some of them dating back to the 1850’s!). We spent a lot of time budgeting for a china cabinet but honestly, those things are expensive. We plan on eventually swiping up an antique cabinet and refinishing it ourselves but with a new baby in tow who knows when that will be! We knew we didn’t want to keep this china sitting in a box and thought the best way we can display a few of these dishes would be to hang them in our kitchen!

We chose a few plates that we loved from our collection and started to plan where we wanted to put them in our kitchen. Once we decided on a spot well…now it was time to hang them.

Again, with a newborn a trip to the store to get plate hangers (hoping that they would even have them) seemed like a lot of work. I could have waited until the weekend when my hubby could watch the baby while I went to find them. I could have ordered them on Amazon but that would be a week of checking my tracking status every two seconds and honestly my anxiety and general patience levels would probably not cooperate. What I am saying is…I was too excited and didn’t want to wait. I looked around my house and starting planning a way to hang these SOB’s myself! In conclusion, I ended up with a beautiful DIY plate wall that cost me absolutely zero dollars using a few items I already had around my house!


What you’ll need

Your plates

Super strong duct tape (I used the T-Rex tape that has the glue on the inside. I found it on the packing supplies aisle)

Super strong glue (I used Gorilla Glue)

Large safety pins

Post-It Paper (Now this I just happened to have in my office, where I got it I have no idea but I found some on Amazon! Shop here)




A pen


The first thing you are going to do is create your “trial” plates, if you will. I did this so I could put them on our wall and rearrange them as many times as I wanted before I got the design just how I wanted it. I don’t know, I just thought this was maybe a better option than slamming a bunch of nails into our walls.


The reason you are going to use the Post-It Paper is because you can peel the back off of these and the paper underneath is sticky but not too sticky that it would peel the paint off your walls. You can get some here!



Once you have your “plate” all stenciled out, next go ahead and cut out the shape. Do this for all your plates. I initially thought of doing this with just regular ‘ol Post-It Notes, but once I had them arranged on the wall it was hard for me to tell the size differences of each plate which meant I couldn’t really tell what the wall design was going to look like. That is why I highly suggest the Post-It Picture Paper.


Next, go ahead and start arranging them on the space you are going to place your plates. I rearranged my design 3-4 times before I discovered the shape I wanted it to take.

A huge tip: Only fold back halfway on the Post-It Picture Paper so that you can quickly rearrange things otherwise you’ll be trying to peel the whole thing off the wall and the SECOND your nails scrape up against the paint you’re going to freak out haha.



Next, head back to your plates! Make sure you have the plate facing the right direction and aligned correctly especially if it has a pattern on it that needs to be facing straight ahead. Then take your gorilla glue and make a chunky line across the top to lay the safety pin. Once you place the safety pin down, put another layer across the safety pin sort of closing it all together. Let the glue dry! Confession, I let mine dry over night just to ensure that it was completely dry and secure.



Now take your super sticky tape and cut off a small piece to place over the glue and safety pin. It is VERY important that you don’t just place the tape over top and call it good. You need to make sure you fit the tape around the mold of the safety pin as seen above. You want to make sure there is no wiggle room.


Not featured is the part where I actually put the nails in the wall but hey, that is pretty obvious right? Once you have the nails in place and you’ve removed the stencils, it’s time to place your plates on the wall! This was the exciting part for me mostly because I literally had no idea if this would work or not. Luckily for me, we’re still holding strong.


I decided to add a couple more items to our plate wall as accent pieces just to throw some contrast into the mix. The greenery really made the space pop. I also added some ceramic pears that my late Grandma painted that I thought fit really nicely.



I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY hack! My thought is if I can do it for almost no money…I’m going to do it. This was the perfect Saturday project and it really took no time at all!


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