Simple & Festive Fall Tablescape Tips

One of my absolute favorite parts of any season or holiday is decorating my dining room table. I think it can be the centerpiece of your entire home if you do it right and in a festive fashion!

First and foremost, set the table. This will show you what space you have to work with down the middle and to the sides of your table settings. Here I set my my runner (burlap fabric), plates, napkins, etc. first which also gave me an idea of how to incorporate the other items.


Remember, people still need to eat here. I have been to dinner parties where the table looked beautiful but before we could sit down the host had to literally clear the entire table so we all had a place to sit and eat, haha. It took away from how lovely the table looked! When you are decorating your table keep in mind that the table is meant for sitting and eating so be sure to leave a place for dishes, plates, cups, all the basic accoutrement of a table.


IMG_3841 2

Find a good balance. You don’t want the table to look like it just has trash all over it. That being said, while it might look “thrown together” coming down the runner, make sure you are keeping things organized and well placed. If you don’t do that it can be easy for your table to look like it’s just covered in nonsense.

IMG_3835 2

Mix and match! I always use a variety of textures, patterns, and colors when I tablescape! I think it really brings a room together and if you do it right, it can be the centerpiece of your home. For this tablescape I utilized burlap, plaid, silver, and of course…all the festive colors of fall with a pop of white. Scattered across the runner I used 2 bags of this oversized potpourri (seriously smells like Fall heaven!) One reason I love to use the scented variety pack is because it adds a little extra ambiance to the room. The smell is subtle but definitely makes a statement.


IMG_3839 2

It’s all in the details! Find some basic inspiration online, find a color palette you like, and go for it. My biggest tip is to design your table a few different ways, take some pictures, and then look to see which you prefer!


Most importantly, use your imagination! This is the biggest tip of all. This year I knew I wanted to incorporate burlap into my table and what better way than as a runner! If you are thinking it looks a little too over the top, take a step back and decide which areas could be a little less “extra”. I always decide first if I am going to do a simple clean table (mostly during Spring and Summer) or if I want to get really festive and go for it!



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