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Holiday Gift Guide for the New Homeowner

November 18, 2018 No Comments


This post contains affiliate links, when you shop my Amazon affiliate links I do receive credit. Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to continue bringing you these great gift guides!

1 ||| Kitchen Tilt Head Stand Mixer, 5 Quart

One thing I love about good investment pieces for the kitchen is the idea that these are the items that can be passed down from generation to generation. A standing KitchenAid Mixer is definitely one of those items if you are looking to gift it to someone near and dear. My mom got me my mixer a few years ago when we lived in our old house. I knew we were moving to our big house the next year and I truly just didn’t think my current countertops were worthy of the mixer haha. When we moved to the new house I came home from running errands to find that my husband unpacked the mixer and put it on the counter for me. It was probably one of the most thoughtful things he’s done. This item is HEAVILY discounted right now on Amazon!

2 ||| Nest Thermostat

The best thing about a Nest thermostat is the fact that it learns the way your home heats and cools! You can control the temperature manually in a variety of ways like your phone or even your Alexa! Another heavily discounted item right now on Amazon.

3 ||| Tacklife Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver

Y’all, I would say we spent an entire day just putting things together in our new house. We didn’t have one of these at the time so putting together furniture took a very long time. We had a normal screwdriver but the challenge was getting those odd angles. This screwdriver is awesome, it’s cordless, rechargeable, and has a tilt head! Makes putting furniture together a whole heck of a lot easier and lessens the chances of divorce…win win.

4 ||| Cuisinart 15-Piece Knife Set

Okay, Tyler and I don’t actually own this knife set but y’all best believe it’s on my list this year! I think a good knife block sitting on the counter can really tie a kitchen together and I love the idea of the entire item being stainless steel. This set also comes with poultry scissors and a honing steel. Again, another piece that is great to be passed down!

5 ||| ILIFE Robot Vacuum

There is not product that screams 21st century more than a robot vacuum. This one is one of the top-rated robot vacuums and the best part is every year during Black Friday this guy goes on mega sale! If you or a friend have a house with a lot of ground to cover, this will definitely be a hit!

6 ||| InstantPot

Life. Saver. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful this piece of cooking heaven is especially if making dinner and dirtying dozens of pots and pans is not your thing. I truly think this is one of the most reasonably priced pressure cookers on the market, a gift that anyone would love!

7 ||| Amazon Echo with Alexa

Tyler and I don’t have one of these but everyone that I know who utilizes this little helper absolutely loves it. This is definitely a great gift for any tech savvy friends! It can pair with bluetooth speakers, thermostats, and tons more. So, there a couple more options if you are looking to upgrade someones current Alexa Echo. They have the Echo 2nd generation , or you can go a little more simple with the Echo Dot both great options!

8 ||| Shark Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

The downstairs of our home is completely hardwood and with a drooly baby, a dog who loves to stomp around in the mud, and my inability to cook without dripping something on the floor, this Shark Steam Mop was a necessity. It steam cleans and sanitizes the floor using only water so no harsh chemicals to be found! This is such a great gift idea because it makes cleaning hardwood floors so much easier than the ‘ol mop and bucket. Especially for the couple who JUST moved in or is planning to move in the future, this is such a practical gift. I know when we moved in there was a ton of dirt on the floor from everyone moving things in.

9 ||| Ninja Airfryer

Another absolute must for cooking! I love this Ninja Airfryer because it doesn’t use oil to make things like potatoes and chicken tenders nice and crispy. We use it for making homemade fries, chips, and a dozen other things. The perfect cooking tool for anyone looking to clean up their diet of oils and fats in the new year! If you want to make the gift complete you can add this Airfryer Cook Book from Good Housekeeping to go with it! Really yummy recipes in there.

10 ||| DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

We have had our DOSS touch wireless speaker for a few years now and it still works perfectly! Good for outdoor and indoor use, we sure get our use out of it. A lot of new homeowners don’t have sound system on their list of the top five things they need to get hooked up and working around the house so in the meantime, this little speaker packs a powerful punch. And for the price you can’t beat it. Definitely compariable to the Bose speaker but for 1/4 of the cost (we also have a Bose speaker and if you are looking for a “big’ gift for the music lover in your family, this is an amazing item as well.

Prices are accurate at the time of posting, prices may change over time.
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