My Christmas Printables for Your Holiday Home Decor!

One of the easiest ways to make your home a little more holly jolly is sometimes by just using what you already have around the house and giving it a festive twist!

One of those ways I decorate is by replacing photos we have in frames around the house with print outs of some of my favorite lines from my favorite Christmas songs. I place these on my counters, coffee table, and hang them up sporadically around the house (again, replacing the photo with my printable).


I spy with my little eye.

Like I said, it’s a super easy way to add a little more holiday cheer to your home without going (back) to the Target dollar section.

Look, the Target dollar section has taken all my money since about October amirite!? They have the cutest items! But, I think if you can save a few bucks and make some DIY decor yourself, why not!

Well guess what folks! I have created 5 printables here that you can print off yourself, pop into your frames, and wallah! Christmas decorations.


printables (2)

I hope you enjoy these free printables and be sure to tag me on Instagram (@caseysellersblog) in them as you start decorating! Happy Holidays!



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