Holiday Home Decor Tour!

If you follow me on Instagram you know that Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I look forward to it every single year and waste no time getting the decorations up as soon as society tells me it’s appropriate. I love getting down my Christmas decor tubs each year because I usually forget about all the new goodies I bought the previous year. Very exciting stuff happening over here, haha. This year I was not pregnant meaning my energy level was way up from last year so I decided it was time to upgrade our Christmas decor! I am a huge advocate of sentimental decor so I love to incorporate that sort of thing any way that I can. This year we’re doing a lot of flocked garland, crystal pine cones, and buffalo check in honor of our little guy!

My go-to stops for Holiday decor are definitely Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and Marshalls/Tj Maxx (honestly, you can never go wrong.)

This tour will be of just our downstairs! Typically we don’t overly decorate our upstairs rooms mostly because…well…I just think if I am spending money on good decor I want to spend it on decor that will be in the rooms we spend the most time in. With that being said, here is a quick tour of our living room and kitchen so far! I have not started out Holiday tablescape just yet because I am doing something completely different this year and just haven’t decided on a direction yet (but I am thinking there will be a lot of white and greenery involved!). That will be a whole other blog post!

So without further ado, here is a little glimpse into our holiday decorating this year!

We have some really, really exciting plans for this wall I cannot wait to share that process with you guys! For now, we get good use out of this stand we got from Wayfair which is heavily discounted right now! The little tin houses are actually from the Target dollar spot, an area that takes all of my money during the holidays.
Three stockings this year!
Okay, let’s talk Christmas towns. My Grandma had one (inherited by my sister) and my mom has one. I am telling y’all, the way my mom decorates for Christmas is truly a thing of beauty. Her town is enormous and so full of detail. When I asked her if she got all of her pieces at once she said she had been collecting for years. I’ll take a photo next time I am at her house and share on my IG stories with you guys because it’s stunning. Anyway, last year my mom surprised me with a few pieces for my very own town and I cried. I don’t know, to me it’s a very special thing.
Fun tip I learned from my mom! If you take the battery operated LED lights and spread them out underneath the faux snow it really lights the town up. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so cozy at night.
You can read my Antique China Plate Wall DIY tutorial here!
Mini tablescape! These items are actually all the pieces I used on our dining room table last year. This year, like I said, I want to do something very different in the dining room so I moved all of this out to the kitchen! I just realized that the only thing missing here is the silverware which I sprayed a copper color using the fancy wedding cutlery.
The garland above the cabinets is still going strong after about 4 years! Yep, I just took some plain garland and wrapped it in a stand of Christmas lights 4 years ago and that sh$% still works. Win, because that was such a pain to put together. 
These two adorable signs are once again from the Target dollar spot!
I moved my Christmas printable to the kitchen and I really love it here. Printables are seriously my favorite DIY for Christmas decorating. I actually have 5 free downloads for you in this blog post!

So there you go friends! I am still getting more ideas every day so I bet there will be an updated post coming in the future but for now, my house is so incredibly cozy and I love it.


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