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12 Things a Father Can Teach His Daughter That Will Shape Her Life

December 14, 2018 No Comments

Before I started working from home I used to talk to my dad every single morning on my ride to work. To the point that it became tradition and he would worry if he didn’t hear form me. I would say that is the one thing that I miss about working in an office, those car ride chats. We would talk about anything and everything under the sun. It was on those chats that he would motivate me to get to the point in my life that I am in today.

But guys, you have to understand. He has been doing that for my entire life. From the time I was born my dad was teaching me things that my mom couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, every single bit of class and “girlie-girl” that I am I learned from my mom. She’s beautiful. It’s different with my dad and I think it was because he didn’t “baby” me. He let me learn things the hard way but I was prepared for those hard times because of so many life lessons he started instilling in me from such a young age.


Here are the big ones, the lessons and things he taught me that stuck with me for my entire life.


You can make anything a good time, it’s all about your mindset. If the party is too “mellow” when it should be a bit more upbeat, you’re going to be the one to make it fun. Mount’s are the life of the party always.


When you throw a punch, don’t keep your thumb inside your fist. You’ll break it.


Nothing you want in life is just going to land in your lap. You need to be willing and ready to work for it. If your plan is to just keep talking about all these things you want to have and want to do and hope that one day you wake up and POOF! it’s there…you’re going to be a very sad person. If you want something, really really want it, go out there and work for it. But don’t blame everything else for where you are in life.


If you’re ever in dangerous situation and you’re gonna choose to hit a guy in the stones…you need to make sure you friggin. really. hit. him. Because if you miss or hit him just a little bit he’s gonna be pissed. Make sure he can’t get up.


If you think that one day you’re gonna wake up and all your stress is just going to be gone you’re wrong. There will always be something to stress about, you need to figure out how to manage that stress otherwise you’re going to go insane. Life is stressful, it just is. But it’s also really, really wonderful.


Guardian angels are a real thing and if you are a good person then good things are going to happen to you. It’s basic Karma and Jesus. Which I think is a little contradictory but hey, whattayagonnado.


If you want something just go and get it. This is something my dad drilled into my brain really hard when I was in college. I was applying to so many internships, some of which I wanted to land so terribly. The one I ended up getting I got because I went to the office in person to speak with a supervisor. “They’re going to give the job to the person that wants it the most.”


Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee, Papa John’s isn’t “Pizza”, and you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. Just a few quick ones folks but important nonetheless.


You deserve to be happy. Not just you “should” be happy but you deserve it. I remember after I got married having a conversation with my dad and he reminded me of the times I would be crying over a boy thinking I would never find someone.


If you’re waiting for someone to do something for you and you can just do it yourself? Do it. I am insanely independent. My dad raised me to just do things myself. When I was 10 years old my parents bought brand new door knobs for the house. They were sitting in boxes in the hallway for weeks and I just got tired of looking at them so my little 10-year-old self changed them. Tools and all. I’ve just always been this way and I attribute all of that to him.


“You will never, ever, ever do something that will make me love you less.” Fun story friends. During my Sophomore year of college I got kicked out. I just wasn’t going to class, I wasn’t taking tests, I was basically just existing in the party scene. I tried to hide it from him but I forgot to change my address with the University from my parents address and ya boy got a letter. He was not pleased. That was probably the MOST disappointed he has ever been with me but rightly so. I remember thinking my dad for sure hated me, haha. But no, he absolutely didn’t. At the time I thought he did because he stopped paying for my apartment and I was forced to pay for it (how immature haha). He had me working 7 days a week at a pizza shop and I was so angry about it. But he did that because he loved me, it was “tough love” at it’s finest and I am grateful for it.


“Don’t be afraid to come to me for help.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this from my dad and even when I am the MOST afraid to ask him for help with something, he always has the same reaction. Supportive.

My dad is my guy. He is my best buddy, my sense of calm, and 100% of the time everything I need him to be for me in that moment. I cannot count how many times he has talked me off the ledge of insanity. I am the type of person that is hyper stressed out 24/7, I even go as far as to let other people’s situations cause me stress and anxiety. My pops is the same exact way. So, when I call him frantic about something that, to him, seems small, he’s pretty much learned how to handle me. That’s not to say I don’t go to my husband or my mom about things, but it’s different. The phrase “daddy’s little girl” is a real and true thing. He was the first man to ever make me feel safe when I would feel at my most frightened or vulnerable. I know some of those items I listed above seem silly but they are all 50% of the reason I am who I am today.

Thanks Papa.


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