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Fawn Design Diaper Bag Review

January 9, 2019 No Comments

Now that little man is a bit more mobile, my ability to effectively handle him with just one hand is getting tough. It used to be that when we went to the store together he remained nestled in his carseat while I strolled the aisles.

NOW?! Oh, no baby. He is up in the cart leaning over, grabbing at everything, and basically giving me a heart attack every time he does so. Needless to say, I have to move pretty quickly when I am out with him and that can be hard with a traditional shoulder diaper bag (ya know, when it slides down into the crook of your elbow? It will set me over the edge). SO! The best option for me and I would say any mamas of 9+ month babies is a backpack style diaper bag and I have found the HOLY GRAIL of backpack diaper bags from Fawn Design.

It is so stunning and comfortable and the quality of the bag is outstanding. It holds literally everything I need and then some which I have learned that no matter how big your diaper bag is there is never enough room. So to say that this bag fits so much is truly saying something. Ladies, it is worth every single solitary penny.



I have had my eye on a Fawn Design diaper bag for months and months now so it was no question where I would purchase. Prior to this I had a cheaper option that I grabbed at Walmart which was cute but not practical. While there were pockets, there were not enough. There was space? ish? but again, not enough. The material hardly withstood the wear and tear from getting in and out of it basically all day long. I absolutely needed something sturdier.


I am obsessed with my Fawn Design diaper bag for a million and ten reasons and I am going to break them down for you here!

  1. Half-round zipper: Holy heck, I have never had a backpack of any sort that I could unzip all the way with just one hand. It also opens incredibly wide once you do get it open so you never have to do the whole, “reach your hand in and hope you feel what you’re looking for” thing.
  2. Faux Leather: The leather is faux leather which I can get down with for a bunch of reasons. It doesn’t have that harsh leather smell and is BPA free which is obviously great for mom and baby!
  3. The quality: When you feel the bag, the first thing you are going to notice is the quality. The Faux Leather is incredible thick which is perfect for handling the amount of sh…stuff…required for leaving the house with a little one. The worst thing about my Walmart bag was that I was pretty positive every single time time I wore the bag, the bottom was just going to fall out.
  4. It’s so comfortable: The amount of stuff in my bag is insane and realistically should make my shoulders burn like fire but that is not the case. The straps are soft and comfortable and easily adjustable.
  5. It fits everything: I am serious, everything. Right now, in this photo, my bag is holding two bottles, a TUB of formula, a water bottle, my wallet, 2 changes of clothes, burp cloths, a few toys, 4 diapers and a package of wipes. Yeah. It’s insane the amount of things this bag can hold.
  6. It’s just so stinkin’ pretty: After you have a baby, ESPECIALLY after you FIRST have your baby there is not a ton you are going to feel…pretty about (don’t worry ladies, that will go away!). However, this bag is STUNNING. The gold detail is so feminine and the bag comes in a variety of color options, mine is the Gray.



So that’s it ladies! If you are a mama gearing up for babies I highly recommend Fawn Design for your diaper bag. In my opinion you pay for quality and this is definitely an item that is not only stunning and practical but well worth every dime.

Let me know if you have a Fawn Design Diaper Bag and what you love about it below!



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