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The Best Beauty/Makeup Organizer on Earth

January 28, 2019 No Comments

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. When you shop through my links I do receive a small commission that allows me to continue reviewing amazing products for you . Your support is so appreciated friends!

Guys. I have found the holy grail of makeup organizers. I am obsessed with beauty products from makeup to skincare and I have so many “favorites” that sometimes my bathroom counter will end up looking like the ULTA clearance rack. Things are just…everywhere. I have tried so many beauty organizers and always have the exact same problems with them…

  1. It doesn’t hold EVERYTHING. There is always a few items that I need to get additional storage for which then takes up MORE of the counter.
  2. Not everything fits in terms of width and height. Even if I lay something on its side, the drawers or lid won’t close.
  3. They are poorly made and make terrible sounds when you try to open the drawers or spin it around.
  4. They fit so awkwardly on the counter and take up way too much room.

Am I right ladies? I am sure so many can relate to this very minor problem haha. Well sweet cheeks guess what? I did the hard work for you and found THE best makeup/beauty product counter organizer on earth.



It’s completely customizable

It fits EVERYTHING without you having to try and force it. You basically decide how big of a space you need for your items and place the racks where it makes the most sense for you. The racks come out and you can place them wherever you want on the organizer. You hold them in place with rubber fasteners that come with the organizer (also, they give you a TON of the fasteners which is great if you tend to lose things like myself). There is a separate space for dropping down brushes, mascara, etc. With mine, one whole half doesn’t have any separators and I use that area to store my palettes.


It is so incredibly well made

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first only because the product didn’t have a ton of reviews but I was bed, bath, and beyond thrilled with what I received. It isn’t wobbly or flimsy by any means and once the racks are fastened to the organizer everything stays incredibly well in place. The ledges of the organizer have raised sides so that when you did spin it around things don’t fly out all over the place.


Another great thing about this organizer is that it stores quite literally of my beauty products. I use the top part of the organizer for obviously my brushes but also for skincare products. The top part has those raised sides as well so again, everything stays in place really nicely.



I will never use another organization unit for my beauty products this one is seriously my ride or die and I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. If you are looking to free counter space and reduce the amount of tubs you have for your products this is the one stop shop. It comes in a round or square version and you can get it in either white, black, or clear (mine is clear as you can see 🙂 )

Head to my Instagram Highlights to see a live review of the organizer!

SHOP HERE : Ameitech Makeup Organizer 360



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