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February | Wearing, Pampering, Eating, Watching & Reading

February 1, 2019 1 Comment

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. When you shop these links I do receive a small commission. Your support is so incredibly appreciated!

I wanted to start a new monthly series where at the beginning of each month I let you guys know all of my favorites! I am always so interested in these things when it comes to blogs that I follow so I thought I would share with you guys where my style is, favorite beauty products, what/how we’re eating, what I am reading, and last but definitely not least…what I am binge watching!


I am definitely moving into a phase of my life where, when it comes to my style, I am going for pieces that are a little less flashy and more neutral and cozy. I have never been huge on prints or patterns unless they are very subtle but lately I am loving my leopard print Steve Madden flats paired with a neutral top and blue jeans. I have several staple pieces in my wardrobe that are tried and true at this point and will continue on with me well into the new year like my LC Lauren Conrad Feel Good Jeans and Democracy Ab Solution Jeans! This bottom knot Henley top from Versona is a great example of a transitional piece from Winter to Spring that I am loving. Another great reason I love more neutral tones in my color palette is because you can pair almost any shoe with them like these super comfy and incredibly affordable Tommy Hilfiger Duck Boots.

Psst, right now the LC Lauren Conrad Feel Good Jeans are on HUGE sale! Shop here and use promo code CHILLY15 online (choose pick up in store) and they are only $33! Fit TTS.




When it comes to my hair, I have discovered two gems. One of those being the Not Your Mothers Dry Finish Texture Spray. This one is for my girls who have hair that just does. not. hold. curl. I spray this into my hair right before curling and those curls are locked in without that sticky feel of hairspray. Also, if you are looking for hair ties that don’t crease your hair, I cannot recommend the Kitsch spiral hair coils enough for you! No creasing whatsover. I had heard really wonderful things about Thayer’s Witch Hazel but since I have super sensitive skin I bought a sample size to try out for a week and y’all…it is heaven sent. My skin is so refreshed morning and night and it has quickly become part of my skincare routine. I use it essentially as a toner and since it is a moisturizing toner (most toners are more drying) I can use it twice a day. Needless to say, the full size bottle has been purchased. I am still sticking with my ride-or-die face mask the Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask BUT I just ordered a new skincare cleanser from TULA that I have been dying to try out (I have heard amazing things from so many people about this skincare line).

I ordered the purifying cleanser to start and once I see how my skin works with the formula I will try out the other products, I am so excited!

Another fun surprise for ya! If you are interested in trying out TULA skincare with me I can offer you 20% off through shopping my link below!

Save 20% on TULA skincare here!



Tyler and I have been taking the healthier route so far in 2019. While we still indulge in some of our favorites (Chinese takeout!) we are making more conscious decision when it comes to what we are putting in our bodies. In February we will be continuing down the Whole30/Paleo path but taking it a bit more seriously and without Thrive Market there is no way we would be able to do so. If you live in an area like me…the middle of nowhere…your options in terms of Whole30/Paleo compliant food/ingredients is limited so we order anything we need for our meal plan that week from Thrive Market. And the amazing thing is that each product is 25% discounted from what you would pay for it at your typical health food store. Here is what is coming in our next box:

Primal Kitchen Garlic Aioli Mayo

Yai’s Thai Almond Sauce

Siete Sea Salt Grain Free Tortilla Chips

Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies

Thrive Market Organic Ketchup

Happy Baby Organic Strawberry Puffs

NutPods Hazelnut Unsweetened Dairy-Free Creamer

Thrive Market Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

If you are interested in making healthier choices for your household and wanted to give Thrive Market a try I have a surprise for youuuu. If you shop through my link below I can save you 25% off your first order of items with Thrive Market.

Click here to activate the 25% off discount and shop for your Thrive Market items!

I have a Thrive Market review coming to the blog next week!


Well, I just finished Parenthood and now I am sure no other show will stand next to it in comparison (it’s seriously the most beautiful show that was ever on television). But, I know it’s time to move on haha. This is my favorite time of year for TV because all of my favorite shows come back on! Currently I am binging The Bachelor – team Caelynn all the way!

stressed episode 2 GIF by The Bachelor

This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, True Detective Season 3, Manifest, and A Million Little Things.



I started listening to the audio book “Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis a few months ago in the car when I was driving to and from places. Then when I realized I could spend my time in the car making phone calls for work (oh yeah, if I haven’t already mentioned this I am an absolute workaholic and it’s something I am working on). Part of my epic New Year’s Resolution list was to make more time for MYSELF so at the beginning of the year I started listening again and thank God I did. After listening to a few chapters I knew I needed to buy the physical book so I could highlight and bookmark certain pages with paragraphs that were speaking into my soul. Here is a great example of how the words Rachel Hollis strung together are shaping my view of myself and life:

“Comparison is the death of all joy and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.”


Yes, I read this book in January but it has become my go-to and I will probably and most definitely read it again this month.

Rachel has another personal development book coming out in a couple months called “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and I have had it pre-ordered for weeks now. I cannot wait and I cannot recommend this book enough.

Alright friends those are a few of my favorites that you can expect to see a lot of this month! Have any of you used anything I have mentioned above? Who do YOU think is getting the FINAL rose this season!? Let me know in the comments!




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