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The Best Under The Cabinet Lights For Under $40!

April 4, 2019 No Comments

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you shop these links I do get credit. I do not get credit if you leave and shop from Amazon directly. As always, your support is appreciated!

SHOP: Otinlai Under the Cabinet Lights | 3 Pack | Silver Warm | $33

When Tyler and I were designing our home there was a ton of give and take. What I mean by that is with our budget there were certain things we knew we really wanted and then things that if it came down to it…we could do without.

Under the cabinet lighting was one of those “did without it” things. First of all, it was going to be close to $1,200 to add lighting under our cabinets. I just thought that was maybe a little ridiculous considering we only have two rows of cabinets.

I spent many months procrastinating and being incredibly indecisive. When searching for lighting options I noticed that they were either crazy expensive or so cheap that I was running the risk of being sent a pack of matches that “under the cabinet lighting” on the label. The options I found also either required hard wiring or batteries. I didn’t want to be spending a ton of money on batteries every few weeks and I was definitely not about to hard wire these mofos.

I stumbled upon a tutorial on Nesting with Grace (one of my absolute favorite home bloggers) that showed how she was adding lighting to wall sconces without hard wiring. As a by product of stalking her blog I did find her review on some under the cabinet lighting! She had amazing things to say about them. Long story short, I purchased them 20 minutes later.

She was right. I ordered the Otinlai Under the Cabinet Lighting Strips and these are without a doubt the best Amazon purchase I have EVER made and here is why:

Only $33 for 3 of lights!

This was a more “middle” price in comparison to the ones I had been looking at. They weren’t the most expensive (the ones I saw were roughly this price for just a single light) but they were not cheap either. I figured if Brooke thought they were cute and worth the coins, I must be making a good decision! And y’all….$33 for all 3 lights? No brainer.

They are rechargeable!

I LOVED this aspect of these lights. No hard wiring was required and I wasn’t going to have to buy a ton of batteries every few days. Plus, they even came with a mini USB charger.

You can make them motion activated

This was the kicker for me, this was what made me hit “purchase” with a quickness. They can be set to stay on OR can be set to be motion activated. The motion sensor is sensitive, but not too sensitive that a piece of dust will set it off. Basically, when I am cooking in that section of the counter…the lights come on. It’s amazing.

We have them set right now on motion activated so we can save some of the charge but I know there will be days or nights where I am going to want to have them on just because I love how they look.


You apply them with stickers and a magnet…literally

I’m not kidding. You take these incredibly sticky…stickers…and apply them to a thin strip of magnet. Then, you stick the thin magnet strip to the under side of your cabinet. The light itself is one giant magnetic and sticks very securely to the strip. It was so, so easy to put them in place.

The light is super bright but also warm and cozy

I was nervous that when I got them it would be that cheap luminescent lighting that almost looks white (you know, the kind you saw in your classroom in high school). These under the cabinet lights are super bright but also warm at the same time. They definitely make the kitchen cozy.

You don’t have to just use these under your cabinet! We’re going to order another pack and use them in different places around our house since they can be set to motion activated only. We will probably put one under our sink for extra lighting there for sure, one in our linen closet, and the other one…somewhere else? Haha, not sure where we will put that last one but for only $33 I will figure it out eventually!

If you want to scoop up a set of these lights CLICK HERE!!! I promise you will not be disappointed, they are absolutely perfect. Thank you SO much to Brooke from Nesting with Grace for turning me on to these, they have made my kitchen so cozy!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Just a fun reminder for you, if you are interested in getting a set of lights I ONLY get credit if you shop through the links provided throughout this post or in my IG bio! I won’t get credit if you go to Amazon directly. Your support is so incredibly appreciated because without it I wouldn’t be able to bring you great review like this one!

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