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What’s in Wyatt’s Easter Basket? Ideas For Baby

April 9, 2019 No Comments

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you shop these links I do get credit. I do not get credit if you leave and shop from Amazon directly. As always, your support is appreciated!

I am SO excited for Easter this year! Last year was obviously Wyatt’s first Easter and he was a tiny little guy so Easter just consisted of naps and milk in an Easter bottle. But this year he is definitely a lot more mobile and I THINK he will be able to hunt for eggs (a little!) or at least open them!

*Every mom right now*

Anyway! I thought I would walk you through some Easter basket ideas for your baby. Some of these items are actually in his basket and others were just cute things I saw on Amazon.

1 – Happy Easter Little Critter Book and Too Many Carrots: I loved the Little Critter books when I was growing up and this one is a sure classic. I saw Too Many Carrots and started reading it and though it was just too cute, had to get it for him! Plus, we can read it on days other than Easter.

2 – Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether: Raise your hand if your 12+ month old child is cutting molars and it’s horrific!

3 – Organic Yogurt Melts: I put these in his little blue eggs so when I try to get him to open them up at least there is a prize for him that isn’t candy, haha.

4 – Easter Bubbles: Obviously these aren’t for him to use himself but he loves bubbles so this was a no brainer. I found these super cute Easter themed bubbles on Amazon.

5 – Stuffed Bunny: This particular plush bunny is SO stinking soft and has a little rattle inside of it. Wyatt loves stuffed animals so this worked great! I actually snagged this at Walmart.

6 – Chocolate Bunny: I am a sucker for tradition so these next 2 items aren’t necessarily the healthiest options for him (and frankly he might not even be interested) but I had to include this and…

7 – Peeps! Again, sucker for tradition and these were an item that I always had in my basket growing up.

8 – Matching Egg Toy Set: This is a FANTASTIC Easter themed learning gift for your little one in terms of refining those motor skills!

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