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Our Laundry Room Subway Tile Upgrade With Tic Tac Tiles

July 7, 2019 No Comments

Huge thank you Tic Tac Tiles for sponsoring this project and post!

(This post contains Amazon affiliate links)

As you guys know, I love love love a good Amazon home find. My recent favorite discovery were my under the cabinet lights and now I officially have a new one to add to the list! I love how subway tile looks regardless of the room or space. When I initially discovered Tic Tac Tiles on Instagram I thought we would for sure be using these peel and stick tiles for our kitchen backsplash (that is where I had seen them used the most). When we got our samples and put them up in the kitchen we loved how it looked as a backsplash. However, the way the natural light was hitting them you could see the indentions from the real tile underneath. Long story short, it didn’t work for us as a backsplash in the kitchen but that was when I remembered my Pinterest “Laundry Room” board. It is covered with subway tile! So, that is what we did! Tic Tac Tiles is now the center piece of our laundry room makeover and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out.

I reached out to Tic Tac Tiles and asked if they would be interested in sponsoring a project for me to share with you guys and they were more than happy to! Today on the blog, I am sharing with you my next favorite Amazon home find – my subway tile peel and stick tiles!

I’m going to share with you all the details, tips, tricks, and answer all the questions I had along my journey! Also, check out my Instagram highlights for another look at the whole process!

Let’s start at the beginning.

Like I said, I discovered Tic Tac Tiles on Instagram via one of my favorite home bloggers The Fetching Farmhouse. She actually tiled her kitchen backsplash and it turned out amazing! That was my initial plan for these tiles but it worked out much better for us in the laundry room.

What are Tic Tac Tiles? Premium peel and stick tile wallpaper sheets that come in a ton of cool designs. When I did a little bit more research of my own I learned that they are incredibly eco-friendly and non-toxic which can be a concern considering they are essentially just one big sticker. Another fantastic quality about these over others that I have seen is that they are anti-humidity, anti-mold, and heat resistant which was great since they would be going in the laundry room which can get pretty hot. This is also a great feature for kitchen use!

They come in sheets of varying sizes but we went with the pack of 5 sheets of 12×12 mono white subway tile which easily covered just under half of the wall. We ended up having to use about 6 packages of 5 sheets in total but even had a few sheets leftover when it was all said and done. They come in orders of 1, 5, or 10 of the 12×12 sheets. Y’all…they look so incredibly real. Each individual tile is raised so you can see the beveling from any angle. They have a sort of “rubber” feeling to them but I think that material is what makes them look so real.

The process is literally so easy, you peel…and stick. They come together just like a puzzle, just keep overlapping where the sheet tells you “overlap here”. Again, so simple.

Project Tools:

Box cutter, kitchen scissors, expo marker, screwdriver for removing any outlets, hairdryer for easier complete removal should you need to!

Tips & Tricks:

Make sure you are taking your time. Application is so simple that it can be easy to feel like you can just speed along and get the project done. Take your time lining everything up so you don’t have to remove any of them and realign. If you need to pull some sheets off to realign it is possible! They have a super strong adhesive on one side but you can still peel them off if you need to and they will maintain their shape. If you need to do this though you will peel off some of your current paint especially if you are using these on a plain painted wall like I was. I used a hairdryer to remove pieces that I needed to BUT doing it this way made them way less sticky so I would suggest just taking your time from the start!

I had a feeling that cutting around the outlets would be a little challenging but luckily The Fetching Farmhouse had a fantastic tutorial on how she went about this! Hold the tile sheet up to the outlet and just feel around with your fingers for the shape. Then, take your expo marker and mark the corners (don’t worry the expo marker will wipe right off because of the rubber-like material on the sheet). Next, just cut out the shape of the outlet and you’re good to go! Again, this entire outlet cutting process is on the IG stories!

Watch your pattern! When I was putting all of this together on the wall above the folding table, I had to cut some off of the tile sheets at the edges. However, I wasn’t paying enough attention and started noticing that the tiles were lining up on on top of the other and not in a staggered pattern. Again, just take your time!

Th end result is absolutely beautiful, I could not be more happy with how it turned out. It looks so real and the cost comes to literally half of what we would have spent on real subway tile. I mean, is it real subway tile? No, absolutely not. Is it a super excellent option for someone looking to update a room on a more strict budget? Oh, yes. I added the links below so you can browse, shop, or order your free samples! Thanks for tuning in guys, I hope some of you are inspired and I can’t wait to see your project! If you order, don’t forget to tag me in your project so I can see!

Shop Tic Tac Tiles on Amazon

Order Your Free Samples

Again, thank you to Tic Tac Tiles for sponsoring this post!

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