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Our Weekend Cleaning Routine & Favorite Tools

July 11, 2019 No Comments

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Here’s a fact about my family: we work, really hard. During the week I rarely come home and do any chores aside from dishes after dinner or folding some laundry while I watch one of my many favorite shows. Saturday and/or Sunday mornings are reserved for tidying up and Tyler and I typically tag team it very well. Once little man goes down for his early afternoon nap it’s go time! Tyler heads outside to take care of the yard (when it’s needed) and I will start with the kitchen. Call me crazy, but I have always found something very therapeutic about cleaning. Plus, one of my favorite smells is the way a freshly mopped and wiped house smells (is that weird? that’s weird).

Granite & Tabletops

We have been making a huge effort lately to switch to more natural cleaning products. We use the Method Daily Granite Cleaner almost every day, not just on the weekends. It is plant-based, non-toxic, and smells incredible. For the other tabletops in the house we are loving the Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface cleaner in the Lemon Verbena and Lavender scent. We like this because again, it’s non-toxic which makes our coffee table perfect for little hands to be touching.

Hardwood Floors

As you may already know, we have a very active toddler who loves to drop cups of milk, sticky this, sticky that, and other fun things all over the floors. We also have a dog who makes sure to spot clean for us when Wyatt does drop things. While this might seem helpful, that means that on top of Wyatt’s mashed Nutrigrain bars, we now have dog slobber all over the floor (I promise we don’t live in filth, haha). On top of that our dog sheds pretty bad.

Shark Cordless Rechargeable Floor Sweeper

This has been life changing for us especially when our dogs shedding is so intense between winter and summer. We will usually bust this bad boy out and sweep the entire floor before we use our steam cleaner. I love this because it is cordless and rechargeable, and charges fast on top of that. It’s super lightweight too so you aren’t getting a full shoulder workout, hate to break it to you. For the price, it certainly gets the job done and I actually prefer it to a standard broom.

Smart Living Steam Mop Plus

Now that the dog hair and crumbs are gone we will plug in the steam mop. I had never thought to use a steam mop for the floor, I myself have always been a huge Swiffer Wet Jet fan. This thing cleans our hardwoods like nothing I have ever seen and all it uses, for the most part, is water. I LOVED this aspect of it because we have a little guy crawling, running, and falling and the less chemicals all over the floor the better. The only thing we will do is sometimes add a squirt or two of the Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner and even that is a natural, hypoallergenic, BPA free, and paraben free cleaner. Also it smells so good.

Carpets & Rugs

Dyson Ball – Animal Upright Vacuum

Like I said, we have a dog that sheds a lot. Our living room rug, my office, our stairs, and the entire second floor is all carpet which catches the dog hair like nothing else. My parents bought us our vacuum cleaner last year for Christmas and it has been life changing for the cleanliness of our house. This vacuum was designed to pull up animal hair and dirt from the carpets and rugs and we could not believe how much it pulled up the first time we used it. Usually after we tackle the hardwoods, we will move onto the living room rug, to the stairs (it comes with several attachments all designed for animal hair) , then to the second floor. After were done vacuuming our carpets look brand new (psst, my gal pal put together a great recipe for DIY natural carpet deodorizing powder, check it out here).

Now, this IS an investment piece of household equipment. It is by no means cheap but most certainly something that you will have for a VERY long time. The vacuum comes with a whole slew of warranties, and they are great. Any part that breaks you call and they send you a new one. It’s amazing. We have yet to have a single problem with it or the way it performs.

Alright friends, that’s all for this post! I would definitely say one of the most commonly asked questions I get (aside from what kind of coffee maker we use, lol I don’t know why this is always asked) is what we use for cleaning. I hope y’all enjoyed! Let me know in the comments if you use any of these products yourself, especially the Dyson I would love to know your experience!

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