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Best Summer Activity for Toddlers With SplashEZ

August 12, 2019 1 Comment

Thank you so much to SplashEZ for sponsoring today’s post!

This post does contain affiliate links and I do receive a small commission when you shop through the links provided throughout this post.

I can’t believe that we are almost to the end of summer! I don’t know how accurate that is to say in South Carolina though because it will be a thousand degrees outside until at least the middle of October. With that in mind, we have been looking for ways to get Wyatt outside without giving him heat stroke, and neighborhood does not have a pool (total bummer). Wyatt loves all things water. Everything from sprinklers, to splash pads, to pools, he loves it all! I could not believe when I discovered SplashEZ because it incorporates absolutely everything I listed above.

Let’s face it, summer in the south is incredibly hot and I can’t just keep my little guy cooped up in the AC! I needed something that wouldn’t take up too much space, but was also more than just a kiddie pool. Our SplashEZ Splash Pad is a pool, splash pad, and sprinkler all in one. They come in a few different styles and could not be easier to set up and take down. Wyatt is absolutely obsessed with it and it has become a staple summertime essential. Oh, and it’s only $20 and Prime eligible!

You can adjust the height and speed of the sprinkler aspect of it to your child’s liking. Wyatt really loved running through the water when the sprinklers were shooting up really high, but then I could tell he just wanted to sit and play in the pool aspect. At that point all I had to do was slow down the flow of water and the sprinklers shot lower and slower for him. 

The pool only gets to a few inches deep, it probably only comes to just above Wyatt’s ankles which I really liked. He would fall down a few times but the water would never come up above his head (Wyatt is 17-months-old for reference). That is not to say you should ever take your eyes off of them when they are playing, it is still a pool. That actually brings me to my ONLY suggestion I have when setting your little one up to play. The floor of the pool/splash pad gets VERY slippery. Wyatt probably slipped on it 60% of the time, especially when he was really excited and running through it full speed ahead.

My advice would be to put some water shoes on your child to avoid slipping, this would be a huge help in avoiding any accidents. 

Other than that, I could not believe the quality of the product once it got here, I thought surely for only $20 it’s not going to be the most top-quality material but it is! I was seriously in shock at how big it is (60” around) and the way that it held up with Wyatt literally stomping through it and running all over it.

If you have been looking for a fun way to wrap up the summer I could not recommend the SplashEZ Splash Pad more. I have seen these at other stores for way more than $20, and I can’t imagine that the quality could be any better. I linked below where you can grab yours! If you guys do grab one, don’t forget to tag me and @getsplashez on Instagram so we can see all the fun!

Get Your SplashEZ on Amazon for only $20 + Free Shipping

Thank you so much to Splashez for sponsoring today’s post!

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  • Gen August 15, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    So sweet. Looks like so much fun.

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