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Transitioning From High Chair to Table: Our Favorite Items

October 28, 2019 No Comments

Thank you to Nuby for sponsoring this post! All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

I can’t believe how big my little guy is getting. I always used to hear that the first couple years go by fast by holy heck ‘n bob, it’s flying by! The latest milestone we’ve hit is transitioning Wyatt from high chair to table. We first started by sliding his high chair right up to the table to start getting him used to his new view but, as a child that always HATED being in his high chair, he wasn’t a fan and dinner time came to an end pretty quickly.

We tried pushing the high chair on him for a few more weeks until we finally transitioned him to a booster seat and his ability to stay content at the table was night and day! We also found that giving him the right tools for eating at the table with us was key.

For perspective, Wyatt is 18 months old and has been eating with utensils for about 4 months now so the concept of using a fork and spoon wasn’t new for him. However, I will say, it wasn’t until we introduced him to the Nuby iMonster Spoon and Fork set that I feel like he was getting less frustrated. Typically, I would watch Wyatt dip his fork into a chicken nugget, not push hard enough and it would slide off his fork (cue complete tantrum). A real bonus is that now, most of his food ends up in his mouth and not sliding off of this fork onto the floor or the booster seat. It’s a win, win.

The cool thing about the Nuby iMonster Fork is that it has almost what I would call a “gripper” on each prong. There is a small ring around the prong that catches the food and locks it in once it is pushed into food. I found that Wyatt was getting WAY less frustrated with dinner time.

I’ve tried a ton of suction placements and aside from the EZPZ mat, the Nuby Sure Grip Silicone Placemat is another favorite. Something I didn’t realize until recently is that it actually grips to my cloth placemats as well! It’s definitely not as strong of a grip as it would to the tabletop BUT…it works. Speaking of using it directly on the table, that thing locks in (just be careful though, the second your little one realizes they can peel it up off the table it’s game on). I also really like that it is sectioned out. With his other plates, it was hard to tell what he was eating the most of because even if I separated his food out into separate areas of his EZPZ plate, I could never tell what he was truly eating more of ya know? It’s been good at helping me to realize what food he really likes over others.

Nuby products have easily become staple products in our home from our absolute FAVORITE sippy cup, the Thirsty Kid Flip-It Boost Cup to the best utensils, Wyatt is totally thriving. The thing I love best is that any time I was interested in a product that wasn’t available at my local Target or Walmart, I could quickly scoop it up on Amazon. I have so much respect for a brand that can “grow” with your child. They have products all the way from infant to pre-school and honestly, probably beyond.

I linked up a few more products that we use pretty regularly that are specifically from Nuby.

Curious if any of you have used some of these? What were your thoughts! Let me know in the comments!

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