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Wyatt’s First Hair And What It Taught Me

November 5, 2019 No Comments

I’m not crying, you’re crying. But really though, my sweet little cheeks finally got his haircut after rocking his adorable little “Joe Dirt” semi-mullet for a few months. I had been given several recommendations on where to take him for his haircut and I didn’t realize there were so many kids-only places in my area!

Anyway, when I pictured it in my head we would bring Wyatt in, sit him in some sort of fun chair and he would be pleasantly entertained while getting his little hair trimmed up. I was so excited to take him for, what I consider, a momentous event. I am pretty biased but my kid is quite literally the cutest kid on the planet so I could not imagine how adorable he would with a fresh cut (I mean look at him).

Tyler was off work that day and since our weekends get packed full pretty quickly we figured this would be the best day to take him. His appointment was at 1:30 so we left our house at about 1:00 to get there in time (pretty much everything from Clover is at least 30 minutes away). On the way there I kept thinking about how adorable he was going to look, how cute he would be patiently sitting there while the woman cut his hair. I knew he would be completely content the entire time, I was sure of it.

When we got to Cookie Cutters, we were greeted by the incredibly friendly staff who proceeded to make Wyatt feel comfortable right away. The salon was definitely only for kids and fully equipped with a big tube slide for him to play on while we confirmed his appointment and the services he was getting. For first time haircuts you can get a “first time haircut package” which comes with an adorable certificate and his official first locks of hair in a little baggy. Adorable.

In addition to the slide all of the booth chairs were replaced with cars, motorcycles and airplanes for the kids to sit in. Wyatt was completely wired at this point from running around so we knew in order to get him to sit still we were going to have to put him in a seat that would REALLY strap him in. I couldn’t wait for this part, I couldn’t wait to watch my good boy sit and get his hair cut like the big boy that he is. Tyler had his camera ready as did I. However, we only got two pictures from him actually getting his hair cut. Why? Because that patient and content child that I pictured in my head was not what I got, haha.

The woman that was giving him his haircut was such a pro, she had seen all types of children and was fully prepared with all the gadgets and gizmos. On the counter in from of him was a small TV with “Little Baby Bum” playing loudly on Netflix. Again, everything to distract the child. From the moment we sat Wyatt on the “John Deere Tractor” and strapped him in he was in hysterics. We tried everything to get him to calm down from bubbles to snacks. We tried a balloon, lollipop and more bubbles. He was screaming his little heart out. Again, the woman cutting his hair was perfect and worked quickly through the constant squirming and crying that was happening. The second that she was done cutting his hair we unbuckled him and from that moment he was fine. I suppose he just didn’t like to be strapped in? I have no idea, but my anxiety was sky high. I wasn’t even really sure why until we got in the car on the way home.

I need to stop having expectations for how things are going to go. This is something I have struggled with so intensely ever since Wyatt was born. I get this very clear vision in my head of how something is going to go and when things don’t go that way, I freak out (internally). I have always been an absolute control freak and having a toddler who is figuring out the world is not something I have full control over. Yes, we are his parents and we call the shots but I have no control over what is going to cause a meltdown. Having a child takes your once very predictable world and makes it completely unpredictable. I know it sounds like I am complaining a lot and I truly don’t mean to come off that way I just think its interesting that even after two years I am still having to learn things about this new way of life!

I am working hard to just “roll with it”, which is interesting because in every other aspect of my life I am the Queen of just rolling with it. I think that because the world can be such a dangerous scary place, I have a hard time rolling with it when it comes to Wyatt. I am going to really make an effort to stop having expectations on how things are going to go. I put this very glamorized image in my head and when it doesn’t pan out that way I feel like the moment is ruined only because of the expectation I set by myself.

After his haircut Wyatt ran around and played on the slide for another 15 minutes. He was having such an amazing time and I just watched him running around with his fresh haircut and could not believe how big he was getting. I have to remember that it won’t always be this hard and that even the hardest days will one day seem like the easiest ones. I could have just shown you guys the adorable pictures but I made a promise to myself that I would not be a social media highlight reel blogger. So here it is, the raw stuff. This moment was far from perfect and that’s okay. Wyatt is learning the world and discovering what he likes and doesn’t likes. All in all his haircut came out perfect and when I look back on it, so was this day. And frankly, once I take the “perfect image” out of my head, this day actually went exactly as I thought it would, haha.

For those that are local to the Southwest Charlotte, NC area I could not recommend Cookie Cutters in the Rivergate Shopping Center enough. If you call or make an appointment, ask for an appointment with Ashley she was absolutely fantastic!

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