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Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts For Her

November 14, 2019 No Comments

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links

Next on the holiday gift guide list, gifts for her! I have received or own almost all of these items which is why I think they are perfect for the lady in your life whether that be mom, sister, friends, etc. And plus, if you are anything like me and someone asks me, “what do you want for Christmas?” I respond with, “I have no idea”…this is going to be good for you as well, haha. Again, I wouldn’t recommend ANYTHING that I haven’t personally used or own myself.

  1. Plush Wrap Robe: I don’t have this EXACT robe but it’s incredibly similar. My plush robe is the coziest thing I own and perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings when you don’t want to get dressed all the way. I have really been loving it during the colder mornings.
  2. Tartelette ‘In Bloom” Eyeshadow Palette: I am telling y’all this is the absolute BEST eyeshadow palette for the neutral eye gal. I am on my second palette!
  3. Tiled Monogram Mug from Anthro: I don’t personally own this yet BUT it is on my personal Christmas list that was given to the hubs. It is so stinking cute plus they have been on sale lately!
  4. Erika Classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses: My ride or die sunglasses that compliment any outfit.
  5. Personalized Name/Initial Necklace: Another “Casey’s Christmas List” item. I have seen these going around the internet and finally asked for one myself, they are adorable and I love that they are handmade.
  6. Faux Fur Suede Slippers: Pair these with that cozy robe and I think you’ve got yourself the best gift ever.
  7. Over-the-Knee Boots: I am loving mine, plus they don’t scrunch or fall down.
  8. Luxury Print Crossbody Bag: My go-to bag lately. Super spacious inside but not too big that my things are just sitting at the bottom.
  9. “Camille” Long Stem Wine Glasses: 10000000% my favorite thing on this list. Any Scandal fans out there? I call these my “Olivia Pope’s”.
  10. World’s Best Makeup Organizer: I have talked about this makeup organizer on the blog and everything I said still is true. It is perfect for the gal who doesn’t want makeup all over the counter but doesn’t have the drawer or cabinet space.
  11. The “Volcano” Candle: This thing smells like actually heaven. Literally, heaven. I believe it’s on mega sale right now too 40% off which I have yet to see!
  12. Loose Calf Riding Boots: From years of swim team and colorguard my calves don’t look cute in riding boots because they are sooo tight. I have talked about these boots for years now. They are super comfortable and the quality is amazing, I think I have had mine for 2 years? For the girl with thicker calves but wants to look cute in riding boots, these are for you.
  13. 2020 Planner: My weekends fill up pretty quickly lately and I would definitely be lost without a planner of some sort. This one is adorable!
  14. Scrunchie Scarf: The most adorable and affordable stocking stuffer I ever did see.

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