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GIFT GUIDE: Christmas Gifts For Him Under $50

November 28, 2019 No Comments

This was THE most requested gift guide by far! I put a poll out on my IG stories a couple weeks ago asking what gift guides you all would like to see next and the top two most requested were for toddlers and for the man in your life (particularly gifts between $25-$50). I have compiled a list of some awesome gift ideas for your hubs, most of which Tyler actually owns and others Santa might be brining him this year.

  1. Remington Head to Toe Body Trimmer & Beard Kit: Tyler actually owns this and loves it! It has all the parts for your beard, nose, etc. (Ladies, you want them to have this haha).
  2. Wood Organization & Phone Docking Station: Santa might be bringing this for Tyler this year. This is a perfect gift for the man with a lot of gadgets and gizmos who needs one central place to put them. I think this is so clever!
  3. Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag: Perfect for the man on the guy. The quality is amazing and it’s just rustic enough (aka doesn’t look old!). I like this for quick work trips that don’t require much.
  4. Hydro Flask Water Bottle: These are amazing water bottles from what I understand! From what I know they keep water cold like the typical Yeti will but are a little bit more convenient.
  5. Custom Face Mug: This. Is. Hilarious. I love this so much.
  6. Carhartt Insulated Lunchbox: I can’t believe how cheap this is for the brand! Most lunchboxes for Tyler just aren’t big enough. This one can be used for lunch OR for carrying a few beers to an event that doesn’t require a big cooler.
  7. Beard Care Kit: For the bearded man in your life! These beard kits are great because they come with everything all in one box.
  8. Cup Holder Bluetooth & Charger: If the car/truck doesn’t have bluetooth THIS is the answer. Plug into the charger and it can be used to answer voice calls! Fantastic gift for the price.
  9. Leather Apple Watch Band: Tyler wears his apple watch allllll the time and sometimes he likes to dress it up a bit. My favorite is the leather band!
  10. Enzo Silicone Wedding Band: These rings are AMAZING, especially for the man in your life that works a lot with his hands. They sell a lot of knock-offs, but in my opinion these are the best. I even had one when I was pregnant and my rings didn’t fit!
  11. Bluetooth Earbuds: I did a TON of research and from what I have learned these are the best dupes for the Apple Airpods for less than half the price. (Apple Airpods are like $170 minimum and these dupes are only $39!). Another great gift for the man on-the-go!
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