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At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Work? [GIVEAWAY]

November 30, 2019 No Comments

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post! All opinions expressed are my own.

Fun fact about me: I had MAJOR issues with my teeth when I was growing up. I had braces from 7th grade all the way to the end of my junior year of high school. Even after getting my braces off I was still self conscious about my smile, mostly because I knew that I was going to have some discoloration from all those years with the railroad tracks across my teeth. I spent years price checking all sorts of in-office professional services and I could never truly justify the cost. I was also nervous that even if I did pay upwards of the $500+ that the results would not be worth it or even last. I was the gal who tried everything to whiten this smile. The gel kits from the grocery store, white strips, whitening toothpaste, baking soda tricks, you name it and I’ve tried it. Recently I discovered Smile Brilliant and can finally say I have found exactly what I have been looking for in quality product, results and price. Whitening my teeth with Smile Brilliant has become the BEST part of my beauty and self-care routine.

Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening kit that offers professional teeth whitening without feeling like you need to sell all of your belongings and take out a small business loan just to afford it. The entire kit is incredibly well priced and the results I got were absolutely incredible. 

Your teeth whitening package is completely customized from start to finish. You first start by identifying if your teeth are sensitive or not. For me, I chose the T6 Non-Sensitive System that works to remove stains from dark beverages like coffee and red wine. The kit includes everything you could possibly need to get started:

  • Your custom smile tray mold (you will create your impressions and ship them back to Smile Brilliant so they can create your custom trays)
  • 3 whitening syringes
  • 3 desensitizing syringes
  • Your customized tray
  • Instructions for every single step of the way (you literally can’t mess up)

Like I mentioned, the kit includes a kit within the kit. Inside you will find everything you need to send off your impressions so that the lab can create your custom tray. The process is so easy to understand and I could not believe how quickly my trays got back to me.

Once you have your custom Smile Brilliant trays back you can start the whitening process! You start with the whitening gel, only placing a thin ribbon of gel into the top and bottom trays. In each syringe there are about 3-4 treatments because you only need to use about ¼ of the syringe for each whitening. Honestly, I would even say I can get sometimes 5 treatments!

With your first treatment start at only about 45 minutes and gradually increase that time. Unlike other teeth whitening solutions I have used in the past, I literally could not WAIT to get those out of my mouth but with Smile Brilliant I forget that it’s even in especially if I am doing dishes or mommy things. 

As of now, I leave mine in for 1-2ish hours depending on how my teeth are feeling. Once I remove the whitening tray, definitely rinse it out, brush your teeth and add the desensitizing gel for about 20 minutes to reduce any future sensitivity and staining.

I have been using my Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays for about 5 weeks now and holy cow…I am so happy with the results. Never did I think I would get my teeth this level of white.

And what is even better about this kit is that I don’t even feel like I am whitening! The trays are so perfectly customized that I forget they are even in my mouth. I can just go about my day! While I whiten I am able to focus on things other than not talking or drooling out of the corners of my mouth like I would with other teeth whitening systems. I usually pop in my trays at the end of the day after dinner and whiten while I am doing the dishes, playing with Wyatt or even just kicked back with an episode of The Office and my husband.

Here are a few reasons why this was the best decision my teeth ever made:

  • The custom fit tray keeps any excess gel from pushing out onto the roof of your mouth and tongue. That was what I hated about other gels and trays I would use, I spent the entire time it was in my mouth wishing I could take it out because the gel was dripping all into my mouth!
  • But honestly, even if a little bit does drip out into your mouth it doesn’t have a nasty chemical taste whatsoever.
  • I forget I even have the trays in when I am whitening. I can still have a conversation with my husband and giggle with my son without sound like I have a wad of peanut butter in my cheek, haha.
  • If you are honest about your tooth sensitivity you should have little to almost no sensitivity and the desensitizing gel helps with that as well.
  • Worth the money! I mean this in two respects: 1. Any time I inquired about teeth whitening at the dentist, it was going to be crazy expensive. 2. I have spent close to the amount the Smile Brilliant kit costs on drugstore teeth whitening products that never work. My kit was only $139 and while the sticker shock of that might seem steep compared to other drugstore whitening gels and kits, I can guarantee that in the last year I have spent close to that much in total on other kits, gels and strips that just didn’t work.

For those of you who have been searching for a teeth whitening system but don’t want to break the bank I have a surprise for you! Smile Brilliant was kind enough to partner with me on this post to offer you all the opportunity to win a Smile Brilliant whitening kit for yourself! 

Enter to win a free teeth whitening kit here:

If you wanted to scoop yours up before the holidays, I have a discount code that you can use for 5% off your kit or any Smile Brilliant purchase: caseysellersblog15

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