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My Current Favorite Beauty + Skincare Products

March 1, 2020 No Comments

Probably the #1 question that pops into my DM’s is always about my skincare and beauty routine! Well today on the blog, I am going to share with you some of my most favorite beauty and skincare products that I am currently using and absolutely loving!


TULA 2 Step Balanced Skin Kit: When it comes to skincare, lately I have been loving Tula 3 Step Balanced Skin Kit. You guys know I love trying out new skincare lines and products and this has definitely made my list of top favorites. I think the biggest thing I noticed as I have been using it is the brightening effect. The kit comes with their classic daily scrub which is so gentle and smells so fresh and clean, a pro-glycolic re-surfacing toner that helps to balance the skins pH, and the MOST hydrating day/night moisture cream. I love when a moisture cream is good for both day and night because I just think it’s more bang for your buck. A lot of day creams have SPF in them so I never use them at night too but this cream is perfect for both day/night. So here’s the thing. The kit is a little expensive but I do think as I get older proper skincare is something well worth investing in. I actually have my kit set up on auto delivery every month to save a little coin but I pay for it with AfterPay. So instead of paying all that up front, I split my kit up into 4 equal payments of $25. If you were thinking you’d like to give it a try, I also have a discount link for you! Click here to get 20% off your entire kit!

Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Foam Self Tanner: My next favorite skincare? I guess? item is the Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Foam Self Tanner. Y’all know ya girl can’t catch a real tan to save her life. Its’s a two step process: I burn, I peel, and we start again.


Aquage Uplifting Foam: I promise this is not a personal bash session, haha. BUT I also have incredibly thin and flat hair. I discovered the Aquage Uplifting Volumizing foam when my hair dresser introduced it to me during one of my appointments. It’s fantastic because unlike other volumizing products I have tried in the past, it feels SO light weight. I put a pretty liberal amount at the crown of my head and then up into my roots and blow out with a round brush. Phenomenal volume every time! And it’s only like $20 so…double win.


I have found the holy grail of mascara combinations for length! Right now I am using the L’oreal Paris Voluminous mascara primer base, letting that dry and topping it with the Covergirl Super Sized Fibers mascara (applying a few coats) but y’allll let me tell you. It’s fantastic. I had a really hard time finding this in stores so I grabbed mine off of Amazon. Right now there is a coupon you can attach so it comes out to only like $4. My most recent favorite foundation is the Born to Glow foundation from NYX. It’s not too matte but not overly dewey, it gives my skin some nice radiance without leaving me looking shiny. I’m in the shade nude so my fake tanner doesn’t make me look crazy in the face, haha. For lips I have been loving the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Fortune Cookie. It’s the perfect shade of pale pink and honestly, I wouldn’t even consider it a gloss. It’s more like a shiny matte? I can’t explain it but it glides on so easily and doesn’t leave your lips feeling super sticky.


AlaniNu Balance: I will try to keep this part short and sweet because I could go on forever about this supplement I have been taking. Long story short, from about August to November my PMS was horrific. Right before I would get my period I would crawl into a super dark, depressing state with anxiety that was absolutely crippling. Now I feel like a lot of people use the word “anxiety” to describe stress and I think that is making the term lose it’s true meaning. To me “anxiety” is a debilitating feeling of just completely drowning. I had also noticed that my sex drive was 100% gone for the two weeks before I got my period. I was ravenously hungry. All the things. I had heard about the AlaniNu Balance supplements on Instagram and heard they were helping women with hormonal imbalances. That was the only thing I could attribute these changes in my mental wellbeing to. I started taking Balance in December and I will NEVER stop taking it. It has been night and day difference in my mental state. That paired with working out more consistently has been life changing for me. If you feel like you are struggling with hormonal changes/issues I could not recommend this product more. It’s a little pricey but I actually pay for mine each month with After Pay which is offered on their website here.

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