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How We’re Staying Entertained & Socially Distant

March 28, 2020 No Comments

Working from home and keeping a little fella’ like Wyatt entertained has not been easy. I almost feel bad for him because I know how much he misses his daycare buddies and normal routine. Luckily my work has been incredibly understanding of my need to work a more flexed schedule than usual.

I am trying so hard not to just stick Wyatt in front of the T.V. every single day but hey, sometimes I need to do that in order to work and I feel no guilt at all. A friend told me that the other day on Ryan and Kelly they said that people need to remember that now is not the time to mom shame or guilt trip for our choices and decisions on how we’re keeping our children safe and what we’re doing to keep them entertained.

BUT! Whenever I have a free minute, which hasn’t felt like often lately, here is a list of our favorite ways we’ve been staying entertained during coronavirus social distancing!

Intex Inflatable Gator Play Center – I am SO excited to get this thing blown up and in the backyard. Wyatt loves playing in the water and for $32 + free next day shipping from Walmart it has officially made our list of fav quarantine activities.

Play Day Sand & Water Table – Another Walmart find that we’ve had since last summer. Wyatt loves it and yes, we have stooped as low as bringing this inside for play time. The floors survived.

Washable Finger Paint – The absolute BEST washable finger paint. When Wyatt paints (…the table) this stuff gets everywhere and comes up no problem with seriously just water. During this time while I am juggling work calls and emails it’s nice to not have to hover while he’s being creative.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic Picture Game – Wyatt got this for Christmas from my parents and it took him a couple months to understand how to play with it but now he loves it. It comes with picture backgrounds and magnet characters that you put together yourself.

This massive pack of giant bubbles – Here’s why I love these. Because when we bust out bubbles Wyatt usually flips out until we let him hold the bubbles. From there, he dumps them all over the ground. But with this pack of 12 it’s like…dump everywhere we have a bunch kiddo.

Toy Story Color Wonder Pages – Wyatt LOVES these! We have the Daniel Tiger pages as well. I love them because again, it’s one less creative activity that I need to worry about while he’s playing.

Super Simple Songs YouTube Channel – If you have a Roku or Firestick you can access YouTube and pull up this AMAZING library of kid/toddler songs.

Little Tikes Trampoline – All I have to say is pair this with the Super Simple Songs YouTube channel and you have at least 15 minutes of solid energy releasing.

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