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How I Refinished Our Dresser Without Sanding It! (Spoiler: Chalk Paint For The Win)

May 12, 2020 No Comments


I could not be joking any harder, haha. Let me preface this post by saying this: I am no Joanna Gaines. In fact, I thought I would find this project relaxing and almost therapeutic. I would take some time each day to zone out with Netflix and just paint. While it was “relaxing” I also discovered that I do not have the patience required when updating a piece of furniture. I want the paint to be dry yesterday, I want the second coat to be put on almost immediately and I want this thing back in our bedroom like right now. Halfway through painting I was over it and just ready for it to be completed.

But! I will say, I am super proud of how it turned out despite a few trial and error moments. In total this entire project only cost me around $40 which I am a fan of. Is it our forever dresser? No but for the amount of time we spend in this room it will work for now plus I just really didn’t feel like spending $250-$300 on a new master bedroom dresser right now.

As you guys saw a few weeks back Tyler and I are in the process of giving our master bedroom a little face lift. Nothing crazy or budget breaking just a little zhuzh, if you will. And painting our dresser versus buying a new one was a way to stay within that budget. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Our dresser is actually Tyler’s parents old bedroom dresser so it’s super old and definitely has some wear and tear. It’s also a suuuper dark brown color which I am sure looked stunning in the space his parents kept it. But for our bedroom it was certainly going to clash.

I also wanted to make this update as simple as possible and didn’t want to have to do the whole stripping and sanding part. That is the BEST part of chalk paint is that you can skip that step of sanding the piece down (at least in my experience). Instead we removed all of the drawers and just wiped it down with some water and rubbing alcohol to be sure we got the dresser nice and clean.

All I needed for this ENTIRE dresser was 1 can of chalk paint to cover the entire thing with 2 coats (I actually did 3 coats but that is for a reason we will get into in a few…oi). Don’t be shocked when you go to buy this paint, haha. It comes in a tiny can and you’re going to be like…”where are the full size cans?” But this is it! So I scooped up one can of the Rustoleum Linen White Chalk Paint and the Matte Clear Coat.


The coverage on this paint is incredible, I could not believe how true the statement “a little goes a long way” applied to painting this dresser. I did one coat of paint, let it dry over night then came back and painted the second coat and drawers the next day.



Now the third day of this project is where things got a little weird. Everyone I spoke to said to apply a top coat to avoid that “chalky” finish (which, by the way, this paint had none of that at all!). So, on the third day I applied the clear top coat that was supposed to set everything. I painted it on, washed my brushes and called it a day. The next morning when I went in to look at my finished project, this thing was yellow. I am talking….urine yellow. It was awful. I looked up allll the reasons why this could have happened and the #1 consensus was…the Rustoleum clear top coat was just crap. I then thought that maybe this was happening because I did not strip or sand the piece. However, I learned that I was not the only one with this problem, even people who actually did strip and sand down their furniture still had it turn yellow. If you go read the Amazon reviews you’ll see, 80% of them gave it 1 star because of this reason.

So! We ended up just applying another layer of chalk paint (enter second can) and it solved the problem completely. We screwed back in the hardware and here you have it!


It was seriously so simple and although I was not a fan of the top coat, the Rustoleum Chalked Matte Linen White paint is a winner for me! We plan on refinishing a nightstand we have with this as well to be put in our guest bedroom. If you are looking for a suuuuper cheap and quick way to update your furniture I would shoot for this! They also offer this in a super pretty grey color as well 🙂

Like I said, it was not my favorite thing to do and I learned that these types of projects are just not for me. But I am still very proud of the end result! So if you are in my boat looking for a quick and simple fix, I hope you enjoyed this!

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