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Two-Infinity & Beyond: Wyatt’s Toy Story Themed Birthday Party

August 18, 2020 No Comments

Long overdue but wanted to share with you guys a bit more about Wyatt’s 2nd birthday party since so many of you have asked. In case you didn’t know, Wyatt turned two back in March and we threw him a Toy Story themed birthday party. It was an absolute blast and I was so happy with no only how everything came together but also with Wyatt’s reaction to it all.

So many (and I mean SO many) told me not to spend a lot of money, stress out or feel the need to go to over the top for a two-year-olds birthday with the general consensus being “he won’t remember it”. I just think that’s such a silly mentality to have and I am so glad that I went with my gut in throwing him this birthday party. When Wyatt came downstairs he 100% recognized all of the Toy Story themed decor and to watch him run around and point out all the characters and call them by name was worth every single solitary dime and ounce of stress. I could not be happier with how it all turned out and we made so many special memories that day as a family.

But anyway, let’s get into the nitty gritty! We knew we wanted to throw him a Toy Story themed birthday party since, well, it’s his favorite movie franchise in the entire world (that he has discovered within his two years of life anyway, haha). When I started researching how I would put this together I got so excited because it is SUCH an adorable theme for a little kiddo. For me the biggest thing I wanted to keep in mind was that this was a party for WYATT, not me and Tyler. Therefore, I needed to make sure all of the decor was obviously and blatanty Toy Story themed so that he would be able to recognize it. There was a TON of adorable “subliminal” Toy Story decor on Etsy but I was nervous that it wouldn’t translate for him. So, we stuck with the classics which required a lot of DIY projects.

Thanks to the help of my incredible mom, we built these massive letter blocks with a few cardboard boxes (scooped them up at Office Depot – size medium), these letter stencils and acrylic paint. I printed the stencils out on card stock paper so they would be a bit more sturdy, huuuuge tip if you’re thinking of making these. Also, these are pretty sturdy so instead of tossing them after his party we actually put them in his playroom and it ended being a super cute addition.

As much as I wanted to make sure this party was for WYATT and not me and Tyler, it’s obvious that as a two-year-old he has super young friends that require a parent or guardian to attend also, haha. So, with that in mind I wanted to make sure that when it came to food I had a great spread for the adults AND the kids. For the adults I had a buffet of finger foods up on our island and then designated this console table to the kids, Toy Story themed food.

I couldn’t find a good “Al’s Cheese Puffs” .svg to print so I ended up making that myself with the help of trusty photoshop. My mom found the CUTEST slinky dog decor for the pigs-in-a-blanket, another kid favorite. Unfortunately I can’t find the link but I’ll keep looking! I was able to find the Pizza Planet .svg which was a huge center piece to the kids food table. We swung by our local pizza joint to grab a box, loaded it with pizza bagels and the kids loved it.

Instead of goody bags we had a Make Your Own Forky station was probably my favorite aspect of the party. It was so fun to watch all the little kids gather around the table and make their own forky to take home with them. This was a super inexpensive craft and a huge hit.

At the end of the party I was completely blown away by how much fun it was. Wyatt had an absolute blast and it was such a fun party to pull together for him. If you choose to throw your little one a Toy Story themed birthday party at any age and use some of my ideas I would LOVE to see. Make sure you tag me on social media. Until next time friends!

Here’s where I got so many of the Toy Story themed birthday decorations!

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