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August Favorites: Beauty, Motherhood & Home

August 23, 2020 No Comments

So, we’re just gonna go ahead and label this “August Favorites” when in reality these are things I have been obsessed with for a few months now. There is really no theme to this post, we’re talking all things motherhood, beauty, home, all the things including the worlds greatest $20 vacuum, adorable rose gold wire storage baskets, and even a DIY uncrustable maker for your little ones (saving you some coinnnn!) Alright, let’s dive in!

Bissell 3-in-1 Lightweight Vacuum

Y’all, first on my list! A few weeks ago our Shark lightweight vacuum broke after mannnny years. We loved that thing so much with the only downside being that the battery life didn’t last very long. So, when we needed a new one we knew we didn’t want to spend all that money again. So instead, I hit the internet in search of something that simply got the job done. When I found this vacuum and saw that it was only $20, I thought no stinkin’ way is this thing gonna last or even work. Thennnn I read the reviews and people were RAVING about it. Fast forward to now, I cannot believe how much I love this thing. It works absolutely great and I was shocked at how much dirt and dog hair this little guy catches. Keep in mind, we ONLY use this on our hardwood and living room rug because it’s so thin, I don’t think you would get the same results on standard carpet. But for your downstairs hardwoods, kitchen, bathrooms and rugs…yes girl.

Rose Gold Wire Storage Baskets

I have SO many of these. These are another Walmart find and at only $3.00 I had to scoop up a bunch. We use them in our pantry to keep Wyatt’s snacks and things organized for quick grab ‘n go and also in our cabinets to store his cups. I don’t know, there is just something so cute about them and I love how they look so much better than plain ‘ol white tubs. We even keep one on our counter to hold our fruits and things!

DIY Uncrustable Maker

Y’all. A box of uncrustables is like $7 for 8 or something… when you break that down it’s not a lot but any means BUT I feel like I’m getting got. My mom turned me on to this and it’s incredible and super easy to use. We buy our own bread, jelly and PB then make Wyatt his uncrustables ourselves. Full disclosure: Wyatt can tell the difference and won’t eat them, haha. FOR NOW! But I am pretty sure as he gets older he won’t care so much. I think he can tell the difference in the way the bread feels because they aren’t frozen at first and it feels different? I don’t know. We’re going to start freezing ours to see if that helps but we love the idea that in the future when he get’s down with turkey or ham, we can make him healthier options!

Tula Skincare

This is not new folks, this is just still the holy grail. Y’all know I love trying new skincare lines but I think it will be a while before I try anything new. This is absolutely the best my skin has ever looked and felt. Another full disclosure moment it IS a little on the pricey side BUT at this age, I am willing to pay for quality rather than spending all my money testing out thousands of items to try and find something that works for me. Tula also offers AfterPay too! So what I do is purchase my items and pay them off throughout the month ($22 every two weeks to be exact) and by the time that ends it’s time to order more.

Jergens SOL Sunless Tanning Water Mousse

It’s comical how many self tanners I try and how every time I try a new one I’m like, “THIS IS THE BEST YALL!”. Well, we’re back to say that this time I truly found the best. I’ll make this quick but it’s only $20, smells like HEAVEN (I’m serious, it has ZERO self-tanner smell) and provides a gorgeous buildable tan. Again, scooped it at Walmart. Stay tuned because I am putting together the mother of all self-tanning guides in the weeks to come!

Dove Care Between Washes Dry Shampoo – Volume & Fullness

Not too much to say here other than this is my HOLY GRAIL of dry shampoo. Another item that I have tried many versions of and this is by far the best.

Square Glass Wine Glasses

How fun are these!? I was watching something the other day and someone was drinking from this style of glasses. I literally said out loud, “oh those are cool!” and five days later Tyler came upstairs with a package for me. He’s an angel.

Large Mason Jars

We LOVE these in our house as they serve so many purposes for us. We use them in our pantry to store things like rice, sugar, pasta, flour, etc. But then we also use them to drink cold beverages like iced coffee, water or even some cocktails (especially a yummy lemonade and raspberry vodka over ice, sooo delicious). I also use them to house some of our decor!

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