About Casey



Welcome to Casey Sellers – The Blog! I am so happy to be sharing my journey with you! Myself and my little family recently planted our roots in Clover, South Carolina and life has not slowed down since! In fact, over the past five years I can’t think of a time when things were just slow. In the last five years I married my sweetie, graduated college, got pregnant, miscarried, landed my first “big girl job” in marketing, bought a house, sold a house, built a house, got pregnant again with our sweet little man, and snooped up another job in the digital marketing space.

Now my days are filled with juggling working full-time for a digital marketing company (a remote position, praise jeeeeesus), my son, holding down the household, and so much more. While the days can be hectic and sometimes downright chaotic I would not trade this life for anything.