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GIFT GUIDE: Christmas Gifts For Him Under $50

This was THE most requested gift guide by far! I put a poll out on my IG stories a couple weeks ago asking what gift guides you all would like to see next and the top two most requested were for toddlers and for the man in your life (particularly gifts between $25-$50).

GIFT GUIDE: Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

Christmas this year in our house is going to be SO fun. Wyatt probably won’t fully understand what is happening or why it is happening but I can already see his little face coming down the stairs and see all of his presents.

Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts For Her

Next on the holiday gift guide list, gifts for her! I have received or own almost all of these items which is why I think they are perfect for the lady in your life whether that be mom, sister, friends, etc. And plus, if you are anything like me and someone asks me, “what do you want for Christmas?” I respond with, “I have no idea”…this is going to be good for you as well, haha.

Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts For Him

I can’t believe Christmas 2019 is already here! Here are some great gift ideas for the man in your life. I will say that Tyler owns almost all of these with the exception of maybe two items!

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