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5 Things That Happen to Your Body After Childbirth

I expected things would be different about my body after I pushed out a 6 pound baby (which I know, “psh, that’s nothing I had a 9 pound baby!” but when your epidural just stops working while your pushing and you feel every inch of that little monkey come out of your hoo-ha…talk to me). Here are the 5 things I had no idea would happen to my body after delivery!

To The Mom’s Who Just Had Babies: Stop Panicking About a Bathing Suit

I feel like when you are a new mom, I’m talking brand new mom going into bathing suit season…that sentiment is not going to make you feel any more like putting on a bikini, let’s be real. I mean yes, be proud of that body it did amazing things but I feel like there are already enough blog posts out there that go that direction. I am going to make this one about you, Mama Bear.

About Me

About Me

Hello friends! I'm Casey and I am so excited to have you all along with me on this journey as I navigate my way through marriage, motherhood, and everything in between. You can usually find me with a nice glass of La Marca Prosecco (the only Prosecco if you ask me), enjoying a beautiful Clover, South Carolina day with my family. I hope you enjoy reading about this amazing journey I am on as much as I love living it!


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